The R22 Helicopter

Robinson R22 Beta II

The R22 is a high-performance 2 seat sport helicopter.

With full 180 degree panoramic views the R22 is capable of cruising at over 115 MPH. 

The R22 has an enviable safety record and is the most popular helicopter for private owners and flight schools.

R22 at Summer

R44 Over Lake

R22 at launchpad

Additional Views

Robinson R44 Raven II

The R44 delivers the performance of an expensive turbine helicopter at an affordable price.

It’s sleek design, impressive speed (150 MPH) , and unparalleled reliability give it the competitive edge in four-seat helicopters.

R22 Cockpit

If you can fly the R22 you can fly anything.


With the largest training fleet of helicopters in the New York City (NYC /Northern NJ) area you’re guaranteed flexibility in scheduling your flights.

4x Robinson R22 Beta II                  2x Robinson R44 Raven II

All of our helicopters are 100% owned by Core Helicopters, we maintain and fly them like we own them, because we do!

Coming Soon:

1 x Guimbal Cabri G2



Max Range:

Max Altitude:


Empty Weight:




+300 Miles

14,000 feet

+1,000 fpm

855 lb

400 lb



Max Range:

Max Altitude:


Empty Weight:




+400 Miles

14,000 feet

+1,000 fpm

1,506 lb

810 lb

Robinson R22 - Vital Stats

Robinson R44 - Vital Stats

R22 Front

R44 Side

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Designed to exceed manufacturer specifications in safety and performance.

Custom Engineered Helicopters

The Basics

We start by ensuring that every single Robinson factory service recommendation and upgrades have been installed and applied to the helicopters.

What should be standard practice, often is not, as the FAA regulations only require the above process from Part 135 air-carrier operators and NOT flight schools.

We believe in enforcing the highest standards regardless of how we fly and operate the helicopters.

We maintain the helicopters as close as possible to factory new tolerances regardless of how many hours the helicopters have flown.

Custom Core Helicopters Enhancements

With a through review of every FAA certified and approved component for the Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters as well as Lycoming engines, we’ve enhanced our helicopters to exceed factory standards and specifications.

Engine Data Monitors

Our helicopters are outfitted with EDM’s that capture, report and alarm on the health of the entire engine, and every cylinder. Not just a single cylinder as per standard, with no alarms and no data collection.  With continuos monitoring of aircraft and engine health you’ll know the full history and condition of the aircraft before you’re 1 foot off the ground.

Engine and Power-Plant Customization

Enhanced Air-Intake pipes

By utilizing specially chromed intake pipes we ensure that the helicopters have maximum performance under the most demanding environmental conditions.

Highest rated Spark-Plugs

Instead of the standard massive-type, we use the best fire-wire aerospace Iridium spark plugs. This ensures we get exceptional reliability from our high-performance engines under the most demanding conditions.

Enhanced Air-Filters

Instead of the standard automotive-grade paper and rubber-based air-filters, we’ve increased the safety and reliability by integrating an all aluminum based air-filter system that is much more reliable in all weather conditions. 

Silicone Gaskets, Double Walled Tubing & more...

Yes, we really want our helicopters as money-no-object-bullet-proof as we can get them. Every component has been meticulous scrutinized and where-ever possible upgraded, this includes the gaskets, tubing, batteries and down to the individual screws.

Latest Avionics and Instruments

Digital Attitude Indicators

Instead of analog gyro based instruments that constantly break-down we’ve installed the latest digital attitude indicators that are incredibly lighter and more reliable. For that 1% chance that your caught in IMC conditions, an attitude indicator with slip-skid is installed in every helicopter.


Dual Channel Radio’s

Being that New York City is the busiest air-space in the world, you’ll appreciate the latest Garmin radio’s installed in our helicopters, which provides dual-channel capabilities giving you the ability to monitor a standby frequency while on a separate active channel. It’s yet another safety advantage when flying our helicopters.

Integrated GPS and iPad

A full Fore-Flight subscription and an iPad filled with the best aviation apps is integrated into each helicopter. You’ll find that flight-planning, checking the weather, and many other flight responsibilities that much easier.

Yes, you’ll find dual-GPS units in each helicopter, for redundancy and reliability it’s there at your fingertips.

Everything Else!

LED Lights

We’ve installed the latest LED lights everywhere we can. Including landing, position, tail, map and instrument lights! it’s one less thing to worry about while flying.

Due to the longitivtiy and efficiency of the LED lights, we fly with the landing and position lights on at all times increasing safety and visibility.

Leather Seats

We pay meticulous attention to the interior of the aircraft as well, you’ll find that the helicopter interior is maintained “like new” with leather seats, anti-skid plates, and a cabin you’ll be comfortable in and a delight to invite guests and friends to come fly.

Custom Wheels with Carbon Fiber Handles

We have incorporated custom ground handling wheels with separate detachable carbon fiber handles with rolling resistance 3x less than any other wheels on the market. With a dedicated x-country kit that you can use, taking the helicopters on the trip is a joy without having to worry about how to handle the helicopter when you land.

State-of-the-art ADS-B Receivers

With the latest Stratus ADS-B receivers in the helicopters, you’re guaranteed to receive in-flight weather and traffic information when you fly our helicopters, regardless of cell-service. If you haven’t flown with ADS-B before, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Do you need to keep in touch or contact someone on the ground while you’re flying? It’s not a problem as we have in-cockpit bluetooth connectivity for receiving and making cell connections. If you need even more immediate communications, we can integrate portable radio transceivers directly for noise-free direct communications.

Top-of-the-line Bose-A20 Headsets

All of our helicopters are out-fitted with active-noise canceling Bose A20 headsets that are panel-powered (no batteries!) and custom fitted for our Robinson helicopters.

Offering superior comfort and noise reduction your hearing will be better protected and you’ll feel the difference.