Flight Training at it’s best!

Core Heli - Flight of Two Option ($25 / per person)

With 2 helicopters flying simultaneously you can share your flight training experience with your friends. You’ll be able to Air-to-Air Pictures and take-off, fly and land together in dual Helicopters.

Take Air-to-Air Pictures!

Talk over the Radio: (part of Flight-of-Two option)

Instead of telling your friends what a great time you had, you’ll be able to talk to them live over the radio and share your experience. (Requires the Extended Flight Option)

Air-to-Air Pictures (part of Flight-of-Two option)

With a good zoom lens on your camera, you’ll be able to take pictures of your friends flying the helicopter in the air! We can fly with the doors on or off so that you can get that perfect shot.  You’ll have absolute proof that you hovered over the skies!

Core Heli - Extended Flight Option ($65)

Would you like to really get a feel for flying the helicopter? With the extended flight time option, we’re able to fly out to the Atlantic Ocean with a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline in the background. You’ll also get a more in-depth one-on-one tutorial on flying the helicopter in-the-air from our experienced flight instructors.

Award Winning State-of-the-Art Helicopters:

We’re proud to own and fly the most advanced and safest helicopters you’ll find in the NYC area.

We fly exclusively with BOSE active noise canceling headsets and our helicopters are out-fitted with the latest safety and flight features.

Unlike most flight schools, we own our helicopters, this has allowed us to enhance our ships with fully certified and FAA approved custom upgrades that go above and beyond factory specifications.

Core Helicopters - Training Flights ($220)

You’ll get an in-depth introduction to Helicopter flying, learning the flight controls and instruments as well as a full safety briefing.

This is not a sightseeing or tour flight! You’ll strap-in the cockpit with full 180 degree views, and fly with your personal flight instructor who’ll hand over the controls to you so that you’ll actually get a hands-on feel for controlling and flying the helicopter in the air!

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High-Performance Option: ($25)

For those of you looking for even more adrenalin during your flight, you’ll partake in a series of advanced helicopter maneuvers including High Degree of Bank turns, Mid-air Quick-stops, and Hover 360’s.

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