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Please email us at: info@coreheli.com

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Scheduling Flights:

Flight scheduling is usually not difficult as we have *4* helicopters, 2 of them being R22‘s dedicated for flight instruction.

We recommend that you book by Wednesday of the weekend you are looking to fly and estimate about 2 hours between check-in and check-out.

EC145 Cockpit

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Facility Amenities:

  1. *Comfortable seating and a nice picnic table.

  2. *A Webber Grill in case you want to hold a BBQ!

  3. *A Segway to use to access airport facilities! (For registered students)

  4. *A Dune Buggy to use to access airport facilities! (For registered students)

  5. *A great Ping-Pong Table for outdoor games! (For anyone!)

  6. *Free WiFi for all your Internet fixes! (For anyone!)

  7. *Free refreshments! (mostly water, until we get really rich!) (For anyone!)

  8. *If your really bored, a big screen TV with unlimited Netflix! (No one uses this...)

  9. *The best Helicopter Flying books and magazines!

Payments Accepted: