Drone Pilot School7 Wylie High students created curriculum, earned drone licenses

August 20, 2021by helo-10

Seven Wylie High School students have earned a driver’s license not many people can claim.

Thanks to their own preparedness during the first 12 weeks of school, they each completed their commercial drone pilot license this month, opening up a wide range of opportunities for them to move forward in their senior-level robotics class.

And beyond in the world outside of the classroom.

Take Zackary Sturtevant for example. He has an interest in building remote-controlled planes. But after exploring what’s out there, he’s looking use his license to join the military.

“With my license in hand, it should give me an advantage,” he said.

From the ground up

When Sturtevant and his six classmates walked into their Scientific Research & Design class for the first time in August, they had no idea what awaited.

In reality, neither did Darren Wilson, their teacher.

Coming off a four-year stint leading the Abilene Christian University maker lab, Wilson entered the classroom with a ton of experience but no clue what trajectory the class would take.

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