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September 28, 2021by helo-10

Today’s your day, Amazon fans! The Amazon Fall Event 2021 is here and loaded with new product announcements. From security drones and robots to the Echo Show 15 and more, there’s plenty of great gadgetry to check out. Read on as we explore these fresh new devices.

Today, Amazon introduced a new batch of products coming this fall, and there’s a lot to be excited about. With plenty of variety this time around, there’s sure to be something for everyone—especially if you’re partaking in Amazon’s growing ecosystem.

Fan of Alexa? No problem. Amazon has you covered. Because new Alexa-based products are here as well. Of course, while some of these may have been expected, a few may actually surprise you, like the Ring Always Home Cam Drone. Let’s recap the announcements from today and see what Amazon’s been cooking up.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

The first of Amazon’s announcements today is the Smart Thermostat from a partnership with Honeywell Home. It features Alexa as well as compatibility with HVAC systems. This way, you’ll be able to set up routines and use voice activation. In an attempt to help reduce carbon footprints, Amazon hopes its certified smart thermostat will be able to intelligently help customers lower energy use.

Preorder the Amazon Smart Thermostat for $59.99.

Amazon’s new Smart Thermostat

Amazon Echo Show 15

Possibly the largest of Amazon’s displays seen thus far, the Echo Show 15 looks similar to a huge digital picture frame. Amazon showed it being used as a kitchen TV, but it could be mounted virtually anywhere.

The display features a whole new user interface with customizations like Alexa widgets. You’ll be able to check on things like Ring cameras and coordinate family schedules, among a plethora of other tasks. The display supports 1080p video streaming and has a next-gen AZ2 processor.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 will be available this fall for $249.99.

Amazon Fall Hardware Event 2021–flying security drone, humanoid robot, wall-mounted Alexa, and more
The new Echo Show 15

Amazon Glow

One of Amazon’s rather interesting devices shown today is the Amazon Glow. The Glow is a display-like gadget that stands up on a table and acts as a way for kids to connect with grandparents, for example. To accomplish this, it will use things like video with interactive games and activities.

However, what makes it unique is its design. The Glow blends real hardware with digital content and projection technology, including object scanning. The result is quite different from what we normally see from Amazon (or similar companies, for that matter). It will feature content from Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon, and Sesame Workshop.

Currently available by invitation only, the Amazon Glow is $249.99.

Amazon Fall Hardware Event 2021–flying security drone, humanoid robot, wall-mounted Alexa, and more
Kids interacting with the Amazon Glow device

Amazon Halo View

Following up the Amazon Halo fitness tracker comes the Amazon Halo View. Looking similar to a Fitbit, the Halo View includes a new AMOLED display with up to 7 days of battery life.

Purchases will include a one-year membership of Halo service with two brand new programs added: Halo Nutrition and Halo Fitness. The new programs will offer lots of new content and options that give the Halo View a more satisfying health-tracking experience.

The Amazon Halo View will be available early next year for $79.99.

Amazon Halo View

Ring Alarm Pro

Amazon is updating its existing Ring Alarm kit to the Ring Alarm Pro security system. The new Alarm Pro version adds better Wi-Fi connectivity and speed with Eero Wi-Fi 6 mesh router support. The new system will also offer improved network security as well, which is quite welcome indeed.

The system otherwise functions similarly to the last one, with a wide range of connectable devices that protect your home from burglary or damage.

Preorder the Ring Alarm Pro for $249.99.

Amazon Fall Hardware Event 2021–flying security drone, humanoid robot, wall-mounted Alexa, and more
Amazon’s Ring Alarm Pro upgrade

Ring Always Home Cam

Launching through an invite-only beta, Ring seeks to offer its new Always Home Cam. The Always Home Cam is a small security drone that automatically flies around your home when it hears or detects something alert-worthy. It will feature a built-in privacy mode to cover the camera while it’s docked. Now, when you hear something go bump in the night, you’ll have a gadget to check downstairs so you won’t have to.

Available by invitation, the Ring Always Home Cam costs $249.99.

The Ring Always Home Cam drone in action

Amazon is happily announcing a myriad of other new security products, like the $49 Blink Video Doorbell, a Solar Panel Mount, and a Blink Floodlight. Those seeking to add on to their existing Blink setups will appreciate having new items to integrate.

The new products will also have wired and wireless options available, so that will be worth it for those who prefer a more solid, stable connection (or who want the simplicity of being wire-free).

Amazon Fall Hardware Event 2021–flying security drone, humanoid robot, wall-mounted Alexa, and more
Blink Video Doorbell cam expands options

Amazon Astro

Possibly one of if not the most unexpected device announcements today is the Astro robot. Astro is an Alexa-powered robot designed to traverse your home, assisting you along the way. It can monitor your home and keep an eye on things or even look in on specific things like a person or a room in your house.

There will even be accessories available that allow Astro to interact with pets or bring you drinks. Of course, this is only scratching the surface of what Astro brings to the table. Stay tuned for more information from us about this cool new robot.

Astro is available by invite only for $999.

Amazon’s Astro robot in action

A fun new batch of new products to look forward to

With plenty of new products announced today, there’s a lot you can be excited about. From Alexa-powered offerings and a Micky-themed Echo Show stand to new smart home gadgets, Amazon is delivering more than just packages this fall. Because information is still coming regarding the new product line, be sure to check back with us for new updates. We can’t wait to tell you more about these new devices coming soon.

Did you have a favorite product you’re interested to hear more about? Let us know in the comments below!

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