Drone Pilot JobsA New Partnership Will Create New Job Opportunities Through Drone Pilot Training and Drone Manufacturing in Ghana

October 22, 2021by helo-10

October 22, 2021

As an Indian Drone manufacturer and the parent company of the Indian Institute of Drones, one of the leading professional drone pilot training schools in India, Johnette Technologies has partnered with the SEWA Foundation, a non-governmental organization that leads campaigns to rescue victims both in Ghana and abroad, to set up a Drone Pilot training and Manufacturing company in Ghana.

“I want to use this opportunity to increase the job opportunities for the youth of Ghana. It has been my lifelong mission to help people and create opportunities for individuals who do not have access to basic technology” said Jones Owusu Yeboah, Founder of SEWA foundation, after signing an MoU with Lt Cdr John Livingstone, Founder and CEO of Johnnette Technologies.

Both drone pilot training, under the name of the Indian Institute of Drones, and drone manufacturing, under the newly established company, Johnnette Jones Technologies, will provide the current generation of students with access to the drone technology wave that is spreading around the world.

Last month, the Indian Institute of Drones also signed an MoU with the Sagar Group of Institutions to enhance the future of youth with unprecedented standards in interactive teaching and practical training in the field of unmanned systems technology. The partnership aims to provide training to produce the most competent drone pilots and to teach how to protect life, property, nature, and self with drone technology.

According to Cyril Christopher, Chief Technology Officer at the Indian Institute of Drones, India still doesn’t have the luxury of making “component-wise manufacturing” but, once they reach that state, the country can become “a drone technology leader in the drone industry”. With the Indian Government announcing a liberalized set of regulations, the Drone Rules 2021, that are intended to open the skies, encourage the development of the sector, and make it an $18-20 billion industry by 2030, Christopher believes “now that the way is clear, there is a huge potential for India”.

There’s already quite an active community in the drone space within India. For example, last month, Commercial UAV News wrote about how India is making a giant leap to become a global leader in BVLOS operations. Currently, there are also other big projects involving drones like the “SWAMITVA” scheme, focused on the mapping of land parcels using drone technology, and the “Medicines from the Sky” project, which is delivering medicines to remote areas using drones.

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