UAV Drone IndustryAfter ‘killer’ drones, Azerbaijan interested in purchasing Turkey’s Hürkuş aircraft

December 6, 2021by helo-10

Azerbaijan has expressed interest in purchasing Turkey’s homegrown Hürkuş trainer aircraft, head of the Turkish Defense Industries Ismail Demir said on Sunday.

Developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI),  Hürkuş, meaning “free bird” in Turkish, is a tandem two-seat, low-wing, single-engine, turboprop basic trainer and ground attack aircraft.

Demir went on to add that efforts are underway for Turkey’s TCG Anadolu amphibious assault ship to enter service in 2022.

“A project is underway to deploy combat and other UAVs on the ship. We hope to make progress on this in the near future,” Demir concluded.

Over the past decade, the Turkish defense industry has exported 228 products to 170 countries across several continents.

Based in Ankara, TAI serves the aerospace and defense industries by manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and satellites, as well as their components.

TAI was established in June 1973 under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in order to reduce foreign dependency in the field of defense.

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