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September 23, 2021by helo-10

The latest round of agriculture and technology companies looking to tackle pervasive industry problems have been selected by the F3 Tech Accelerator program.

“Our focus is initially on innovation but more importantly the ability to develop a product throughout its life cycle,” said Christopher Hlubb, program director of F3 Tech. “There’s a great deal of innovation that comes from academia that doesn’t make it to the street and our goal is to find companies in best position to succeed.”

Hlubb added additional benefits of the program were opportunities to cultivate relationships with potential investors.

F3 Tech, which is supported by the nonprofit Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center in Easton and the U.S. Economic Development Administration, selected:

  • Holganix, a manufacturer of proprietary plant probiotics that harness the power of microorganisms to optimize soils and grow healthier, more sustainable plants. This translates to improved yield on crops and a reduced need for fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Lepidext, producer of a patented bioinsecticide that is safe, effective, and easy to use to control the corn earworm in both the organic and conventional farming of crops affected by the pest.
  • Urban Electric Power, produces energy storage with safe and affordable rechargeable alkaline battery technology without any lead or flammable electrolytes.
  • Growbox, a company that produces self-contained, fully automated shippable fodder systems that can match a year’s output of a 50-acre field of hay.
  • A newly established fifth company in the field of crop protection will be announced in Q4 2021 as they complete their initial funding round.

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