Drone Pilot SchoolAspiring pilots, drone operators takeoff at Williston High School’s Aviation Classes

June 24, 2021by helo-10

WILLISTON, N.D. (KFYR) – Inside Williston High School’s CTE building lies the opportunity for students to take part in flight simulations, drone flying, and even building model aircraft.

“After taking this class and flying the school simulators and flying a plane that I knew that I definitely had to take the class and that’s how I really wanted to pursue the aviation career path,” said senior Titus Lee.

For seniors Titus Lee and Nathaniel Baligad, this class helped them to receive their FAA part 107 commercial drone license. This allows them to fly the vehicles at a higher altitude and get paid to fly commercially.

“With being able to fly it gives me a better knowledge of how planes and drones work. I plan on going to get my commercial certification at UND in these next four years so I’m very certain it will help me along the way.”

The aviation elective at the high school has various classes that range from 3-4 years. These students all have dreams of conquering the skies

“It’s really fun to know that I’m on the first step of the aviation career path and it’s really fun to get aerial footage. I really enjoy it,” said Lee.

Thomas Sando has been teaching this class for 3 years and has been fascinated by flying most of his life. He says every pilot loves to inspire the next generation.

“Seeing them succeed. There’s no greater reward than that,” said Sando.

Sando and the students of this class say anyone who may be interested in drones, planes, or aviation in general should give it a shot when choosing classes at Williston High School.

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