Drone Pilot SchoolAuriol Marasco on her love for flying and her aviation law journey at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

November 9, 2021by helo-10

She is on the board of directors of Hope Air, a non-profit that arranges free airfare for Canadians travelling for illness. “Being able to advise Hope Air and act on their board of directors has been one of the greatest achievements of my career thus far, to help them deliver services that are critically needed to many Canadians.”

The aviation industry faced massive lay-offs and, in some cases, a total cessation of operations, she says. Operators faced restructuring of leases and aircraft return conditions, increases in private aircraft operations, and purchases amid uncertainties about commercial air travel. Many companies had to do hard lobbying for government investments to level out the playing field as well, she says.

Marasco says she is amazed by the industry’s resilience, which finds alternative ways to access financial resources and qualified pilots. “They have a passion for the end goal that they don’t take no for an answer.”

She is thrilled more women are interested in aviation law than when she began her career. “When I started, it was few and far between seeing women at the industry events, and I have been delighted to see there is now a line to the woman’s washroom because there are lots of women at these events.”

Marasco is a part of Women in Aviation, an organization dedicated to encouraging and advancing women in an aviation career, Aviation Women’s Association, an international organization for women holding positions of impact in the aviation and aerospace industry, and Advancing Women in Aviation Roundtable, an organization created to promote the development and advancement of women leaders in the aviation industry. Anderson, former managing director and assistant treasurer of American Airlines, and Dana Barta, executive director and head of aviation capital markets at JP Morgan, founded AWAR.

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