Drone Certification TestBad news drone pilots, you’re gonna need to take another test

July 7, 2021by helo-10

If you’ve got a drone that you like to fly whenever you get the chance, you’re going to want to read this. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has just made a new test a requirement for all recreational drone users.

Yes, all users, even those with their Part 107 certification for commercial use need to take the new test. The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) applies to all drones as well, even the small ones that are under the 250g weight limit for needing registration.

You’ll want to get it as soon as possible, as the FAA or law enforcement could ask you for proof while you’re flying, and you’re legally obliged to show it.

Here’s the list of approved online providers that are administering the TRUST for the FAA. They’re all non-governmental organizations, the test is online and free, and once taken it will never expire.

The good thing? The FAA says it’s virtually impossible to fail. No, really. If you get a question wrong, the test will tell you why that answer was wrong and let you retake the question. It’s all about education, not locking people out of a growing hobby.

Once you bumble your way through the test, you’ll get a certificate that will never expire. Keep hold of that, because neither the testing center nor the FAA will keep a record of your name and if you passed, so you’ll have to retake the test if you lose the certificate.

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There is more to being a drone pilot than just buying a machine and flying in your backyard. It can be that simple, but most of us will need to understand some drone laws before we try to take to the sky.


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