drone pilot industryBezala Teams With ReceiptHero on Digital Receipts

November 9, 2021by helo-10

Finland-based automated expense software company Bezala is partnering with ReceiptHero to offer Bezala customers digital receipts via the Bezala platform, according to a blog post.

Bezala’s expense claim application is used by thousands of companies throughout Finland and other countries. With the ReceiptHero integration, Bezala customers can upload receipts automatically without opening the app, the post stated.

As a Bezala customer launches the service and adds their business cards, ReceiptHero sends instant, itemized digital receipts directly to the platform when a cardholder makes in-store purchases at a partner retailer, according to the post. This automatic process means Bezala users do not have to copy a paper receipt to reconcile their account.

“Both Bezala and ReceiptHero have a shared interest in removing unnecessary friction in an increasingly digital world,” said Bezala CEO Fredrik Teir in the post. “… We’re excited to get to work with this new partnership as it will allow us to automate even more of the Bezala experience so our customers can focus on what’s important: growing their business.”

In September, ReceiptHero announced it has collaborated with Visa and Mastercard in an effort to bolster digital receipt use throughout Europe. The alternative to paper receipts allows more retailers to send receipts to private and business customers digitally.

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ReceiptHero’s digital platform has been fully functional in Finland for two years and, as part of the Visa and Mastercard partnership, can be duplicated for use in other European markets.

Last year, the digital receipt platform partnered with Eurocard to add spending information from Eurocard corporate cards across the Nordic region. The collaborative effort, similar to the partnership with Bezala, is aimed at reducing the hassle of manually managing and filing receipts from employees using company cards for business expenses.

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