Drone Pilot JobsBrownwood Education Foundation grants provide toolbox for teachers

September 28, 2021by helo-10

East Elementary School physical education teacher Kim Harvey said she’s always looking for ways to build students’ self-confidence and health, provide new opportunities and bring core curriculum into her lessons.

Harvey recently received a grant from the Brownwood Education Foundation (BEF) for her Climbing New Heights project.

“I’m excited to have students track their progress, collaborate in teams to solve mathematics and ELAR concepts.”

“I’ve been wanting to find something to help build the students upper body strength,” Harvey said. “I saw an article of how a school used a climbing wall to challenge students physically.”

When the BEF began accepting applications for grants for the 2021-22 school year, Harvey applied and received the grant, which will be used to purchase Ultraverse climbing walls, climbing holds, a climbing wall obstacle set with DuraHoop holds, and a curriculum guide.

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