Drone Pilot SchoolDouble Feature Looks So Familiar

September 4, 2021by helo-10

Actor Denis O’Hare appeared on “American Horror Story” seasons “Murder House,” “Coven,” “Freak Show,” “Hotel,” and “Roanoke” before returning for “Double Feature.” Of all the “AHS” characters he’s portrayed, fans are arguably most drawn to Liz Taylor, the fashion-forward bartender at the Hotel Cortez.

Taking to Instagram, O’Hare shared a picture of Holden Vaughn and said that he was “super excited” about Season 10. One fan commented to ask, “You aren’t possibly evil, are you?” with a frowning devil emoji. “What tipped you off,” he replied. It looks like Vaughn’s effortlessly cool act might be hiding something, after all.

In an interview with Digitial Spy, however, O’Hare explained that his character is “not a main driver of action” and that he’s “definitely got some comic relief aspect, which I love.”

In addition to his “American Horror Story” characters, O’Hare is known for his roles in “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Garden State,” and “True Blood.”

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