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August 3, 2021by helo-10

Imagine looking up to the sky and seeing your business or a personal message being displayed high above … by a drone.

“We want to officially launch aerial advertising,” said Charlie Hermosa, president and co-founder of Bella Wings Aviation.

The company brought the first-ever drone light show to Guam during this year’s Liberation Day celebration.

“We want to say thank you to the community for accepting the fact that we are bringing this type of technology to Guam. It’s only going to develop as we continue to move forward,” Hermosa said.

Now, Bella Wings is ready to soar even higher.

“For the most part, I think we’ve seen aerial advertising being done by planes predominantly being flown over the beaches like you see in Florida and California,” he said. “The drones are dressed up with some of the banners that are flying as advertising for any commercial use, private parties, we’ve gotten requests for ‘will you marry me?’ and happy birthdays and graduation parties. So, there are a lot of things coming down the pipeline as far as advertising, and a lot of unique ways that we can use the drones to be able to capture that.”

Hermosa and co-founder Pearla Cordero, the company’s chief operating officer, invited the media to their headquarters at the Tumon Sands Plaza on Friday to get a glimpse of the range of services the company provides.

“We want to be creative and bring something more of excitement to the community so that everybody can come out. Whether it’s at the beach or a private setting. But, we want to be able to bring that to the community,” Hermosa said.

Bella Wings partnered with Island Color Copy to create the ads. 

And the Bella Wings team isn’t stopping there.

Testing food delivery by drone

The company has partnered with Chili’s restaurant and, in a few weeks, its pilots will be testing out the island’s first commercial food delivery service by drone.

That means food delivered right to you by a drone.

It’s “another milestone for the drone industry. Another milestone for the team. We want to be able to push this not only for the folks involved now, but for the kids in high school, the kids in grammar school, the kids in college,” Hermosa said. “We want to be able to create an industry that can keep them going to school and having something exciting, whether they are engineers, pilots, or something aviation-related, is what we want to continue to promote.”

Hermosa also gave a preview of additional delivery services the business plans to roll out.

“Our vision has always been to create a network to connect the island. So, connect Guam with Saipan, Palau, and Marshall Islands. To create a network that would allow us to provide access to quick deliveries of medicine, blood, and anything that is vital to the islands. Our vision is to be able to provide access to those who don’t have it today.”

The plan could be a lifesaver.

“If they are deep in the jungles or in areas we cannot drive to, we want to be able to create an access to get medicine and necessities they need to be able to live day in and day out,” he said.  

Bella Wings Aviation can be reached at [email protected] or 671-988-5809.

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