drone pilot industryDrones for Good network to host 1st ever drone conference in Zimbabwe

October 15, 2021by helo-10

Zimbabwe’s first-ever conference on drone technology is scheduled for the 10-11th of November 2021 at the Celebration Centre in Harare. Organised by the Drones For Good Network in conjunction with leading local drone industry players, the Drone & UAV Conference is set to bring together experts from the local & international drone community to discuss the latest trends in drone technology & innovation.

Drone technology has been applied to over 100 recreational, industrial and commercial use cases and has ultimately made hazardous work safer for people. The technology has also reduced the amount of labour
needed for certain tasks, cut down the time taken to complete work, replaced more costly methods and gave people access to previously inaccessible locations.

Drone technology is becoming more prevalent in industries like agriculture, security, policing, border control, mining, energy, urban planning, telecommunications, emergency response, logistics, education, healthcare,
media production, wildlife conservation, sport, construction, real estate and insurance.

“Drone technology is set to become one of the biggest game-changers in the fourth industrial revolution,” said Tawanda Chihambakwe, the MD of Zimbabwe Flying Labs. He went on to say that “Zimbabwe should not
get left behind by the rest of the world in leveraging the technology to boost its various industries”

There are countless employment opportunities spawned by the advent of the drone industry which Zimbabwe needs to realize and tap into. Being a Commercial Drone Pilot is a profession that was unheard of a few years
ago, but is now one of the fastest-growing careers brought by drone technology.

drone conference zimbabwe

This conference seeks to bring awareness about the good that drone technology can bring to an economy, which industry stakeholders in Zimbabwe need to know about. According to the World Economic Forum, agricultural drones will have a particularly powerful impact in
the developing world, whose mostly smallholder farmers currently face enormous challenges producing quality products and selling them for a decent price.

The conference will also address the regulations, legal, privacy, and safety concerns to consider when incorporating drones in an economy’s daily operations. Keynote speakers include the Civil Aviation Authority as
well as local, regional & international drone experts. Representatives from government agencies and ministries are expected to be present on the conference days, as well as industry stakeholders from organisations that are set to benefit the most from drone technology.

Participants who want to attend can register online at www.droneconference.co.zw. The Main Organizers and Key Partners of The Drones & UAV Conference Zimbabwe are Drones For Good
Network, Drones R Africa, Precision Aerial Group, Zimbabwe Flying Labs, Civil Aviation Authority Zimbabwe, Techzim (Media Partner) and ERA Media.

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