Drone Certification TestF-35As Complete Final Test Nuclear-Capable Weapons | Turkish Company Tests Kamikaze Drone

October 8, 2021by helo-10


The US Air Force announced that two F-35A Lightning II aircraft recently released B61-12 Joint Test Assemblies, or JTAs, during the F-35A’s first Full Weapon System Demonstration, completing the final flight test exercise of the nuclear design certification process. The 422nd and 59th Test and Evaluation Squadrons led Air Combat Command’s portion of the test effort, with Airmen from the 57th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 926th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and Bolt Aircraft Maintenance Unit leading all maintenance efforts.

Thales has unveiled a new ground-based multi-mission radar with simultaneous ground and low-level air surveillance, providing early UAV detection, in particular of micro-drones. The Ground Observer 20 Multi-Mission (GO20 MM) is a single mode multi-mission radar for continuous 360° 3D detection, tracking and automatic classification of the full threat spectrum. From UAVs and helicopters in the low- level airspace, to insurgents by foot or armed vehicles– simultaneous detection of all threats.

Middle East & Africa

Turkey’s Havelsan and Transvaro are testing Fedai, a Kamikaze drone they developed to neutralize other drone-borne threats. The was exhibited at the 3rd Military Radar and Border Security Summit, organized by the Independent Industrialists and Businesspersons Association.


Greece has decided to equip its AH-64D attack helicopter with the Israeli-made Spike NLOS missile. The missiles will also be installed on the Machitis Class gunboat and the Mark V Special Operations Craft.

Proteus Advanced Systems Pte. Ltd., a joint venture company of IAI and ST Engineering, has secured a contract to deliver the Blue Spear coastal anti-ship missile system to the Estonian Defence Forces. Commander of the Estonian Navy commodore Jüri Saska said: “The chosen weapon system will form the cornerstone of Estonian naval defence for decades to come. Estonian Navy will be able to contribute significantly both to national, regional and collective defence effort.”


The Chinese military has for the first time revealed details on the latest variant of the JH-7 fighter bomber, the JH-7A2, at the Airshow China 2021 event in Zhuhai. According to the Global Times, it has better surface attack capability as it is built to carry extra surface attack weapons including stand-off air-to-surface missiles, laser-guided bombs and munitions dispensers.

Today’s Video

Watch: PLA Revealed Latest Variant Fighter Bomber JH-7A2

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