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July 28, 2021by helo-10

Melbourne, Florida. — With a pilot license and a clear vision for a future career in aerospace engineering, Andi Trafficante will be coming to the Florida Institute of Technology in the fall as a 2021 Farmer Scholar, the university announced today.

Named after Phillip W. Farmer, former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of L3Harris Corp. and former Chairman of the Florida Institute of Technology Board of Directors. Peasant scholar The program is the university’s most prestigious economic award.

The program offers a four-year scholarship awarded annually to Florida-based high school graduates who are in the top 5% of their classes and who demonstrate outstanding academic performance and outstanding personality.

Traficante graduated from St Andrew’s School in Boca Raton, earned a 4.49 weighted GPA, was elected class president for freshmen, and has been co-captain of the Varsity Bowling Team and vice president of design / engineering / robotics. By the time I serve, I have already achieved results. / Programming club.

Traficante, who had dreamed of becoming a pilot since he was a boy, made a discovery flight at the age of six. “As soon as the plane took off from the grass runway,” he wrote in the application, “My dream was confirmed.” His first flight lesson came in less than a year.

As he became a more skilled pilot, he learned that his love for flight was not necessarily the end of his journey. It was, in fact, the gateway to more.

“As much as I enjoyed piloting an airplane, I wanted to understand more about how flight works after the first few lessons. I’m into the design of the aircraft and the engineering elements behind it. I was particularly fascinated, “he said in an email interview. “I want to be part of a team that designs and manufactures future aircraft and spacecraft components.”

While planning to use FITAviation to further improve his skills in the cockpit, Traficante is excited to have state-of-the-art equipment and lab space at the Florida Institute of Technology.

“What attracts me to school is the innovation and equipment that is possible in this area to apply math, physics, and computer science skills to concrete projects,” he wrote in an application essay. I am. “Florida Institute of Technology’s state-of-the-art tools and technology allow us to execute designs and prototype at the limits of our imagination, and aerospace theory with a passion for making things in MakerSpace and other labs. And technology. “

To what extent is Traficante being promoted in terms of aviation and aerospace? In her letter of recommendation, Tammy Friedman, an associate director of college guidance at St. Andrew’s School, said in a pandemic closure and shrinkage, “In a true Andy way, he” makes it work. I started working to find a way. “

He and his brother used their savings to buy a trainer and set about repairs. “Despite some setbacks, Andy was able to work with a number of resources (including the FAA and NTSB) to get the plane into the air by the end of the summer,” Friedman wrote. He also found time to start a part-time job offering aerial drone photos for real estate, construction and events.

“Andrew is an avid student who values ​​the process of learning and discovery,” said Chad E. Pentler, a 10th and 11th grade English teacher at Traficante, in a letter of recommendation.

“I know how Phil Farmer valued higher education and how proud he is of the innovation, rigor, and excellence that characterize Florida Institute of Technology education,” said Dwayne of Florida Institute of Technology. President McKay said. “Andy seems to be familiar with those characteristics. He is pleased to welcome him to campus when he embarks on a journey towards many successes in aerospace engineering.”

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