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July 14, 2021by helo-10

FlyBy Technology, based in North Yorkshire, England, has developed a drone pilot course to fly drones across the pond in other countries. The course is a first of its kind and will allow international beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights piloted from a single location.

The drone training course will be taught by former RAF, Royal Navy fighter pilots, and Army Air Corps helicopter pilots in collaboration with FlyBy Technology instructors.

The coronavirus pandemic has been an important period for the drone industry, specifically for drone deliveries. Drones are being used to deliver COVID-19 tests and vaccines, food, and essential goods to those in lockdown.

All of this has been done on a local scale, with pilots often at the drone’s launch site or the delivery location. But this course is the first of its kind to train less-experienced pilots to properly fly a drone internationally. Yes, there are already a few companies doing this, most notably Swoop Aero flies drones from its Melbourne headquarters all the way in West Africa. But these pilots are heavily trained and have years, if not decades, of experience in the industry.

Having a program like this that is designed for the drone industry’s future is an important first step. As drones become more advanced, they will begin to be used for more tasks. One task that stands out is international deliveries, essentially remote-controlled cargo planes flying between countries.

Having a backlog of certified pilots who understand how to operate drones properly beyond the visual line of sight will be crucial when technology reaches the point.

Flyby Technology founder Jon Parker, a former RAF fighter pilot, added:

Yesterday, drones were all about taking photos and videos, today it’s about inspecting buildings, power lines, and other infrastructure but tomorrow, it will all be about operations beyond visual line of sight, and we are now training these drone pilots of tomorrow.

They will be the best pilots in the world using the best technology and the best innovation to take aviation to the next level. In short, the skills needed to fly manned aircraft are being taken into the drone world to the extent that when they graduate Flyby pilots will receive their “wings” and wear a uniform.

Photo: FlyBy Technology

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