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September 4, 2021by helo-10

Facebook Launches Fantasy Sports Offerings in Partnership With Whistle Sports


Andrew Cohen

Facebook is entering the fantasy sports gaming space with the launch of a new daily sports prediction game called Pick & Play Sports, which is being created in partnership with Whistle Sports. A leaderboard will rank users based on their correct predictions, with users being able to join public leagues or create private leagues with their friends.

“Season-long fantasy leagues are typically a great way to socialize with the buddies you grew up with, friends from work or college, and so forth. But the daily fantasy games are not so much as social, a lot of times you don’t know who you’re playing against,” says Rob Shaw, director of sports media and league partnerships at Facebook.

Facebook also plans to launch MLB Home Run Picks, a home run prediction contest that will debut this postseason. Another game, La Liga Winning Streak, will let fans pick one team they think will win for each match day throughout the La Liga season, but they can’t pick the same team twice.

“Our intent is not to put payments attached to this. We want it to be free, to be broad, and casual,” Shaw adds.

Facebook also plans to make prediction games around TV shows and pop culture. The company does not currently plan to expand its fantasy games to Instagram.

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