Drone Pilot JobsGlobal Leadership in Drone Technology Explored in Hartford; Local Company Shares Progress, Potential with Blumenthal — Connecticut by the Numbers

July 12, 2021by helo-10

  • Aquiline Drones’ Flight to the Future drone pilot training and business ownership initiative.  Students of this online course become full-fledged, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-certified commercial drone pilots.

  • The Aquiline Agile Manufacturing Pod (AMP) – an advanced modular workstation designed for deployment to homes and businesses. AMP decentralizes manufacturing and gives individuals an opportunity to work remotely – and for themselves, producing drones, which Aquiline later buys from them.  This novel concept – announced in May with MakerspaceCT, a Hartford non-profit tech incubator for entrepreneurs, businesses, schools and the community – addresses the growing demand for drones and drone services nationwide, while offering a revenue stream for its owners and operators.

  • The pending roll-out of the nation’s first drone-on-demand (DoD) app – described as an Uber-esque application that will enable individuals to request drone services at any time.

Possible new and groundbreaking industry applications for drone technology were also highlighted during the meeting, including smart farming, drone delivery services for life-saving human tissues and organs, asset inspection including Energy & Utilities (E&U), bridges, tunnels, wind turbines, cellphone towers, as well as their utilization in multiple areas by first responders.

Earlier this year, as the company announced the opening the first drone manufacturing and assembly plant in Connecticut and exclusive production agreements with a French company, Alexander said “Our goal is to not only position our country as a leader in the multi-billion-dollar global drone industry, but also, to reestablish America’s manufacturing dominance. This is in perfect harmony with our company’s powerful strategic vision of making Connecticut the drone capital of the nation.”

“It was truly an eye-opening experience talking with the Aquiline Drones team and touring its impressive Made-in-the-USA drone facility,” Blumenthal observed. “I look forward to bringing this knowledge and story back to the Capitol and seeing what can be done collaboratively in achieving the goals of the company, as well as the Federal government. I am excited to see what the company comes up with next.”

PHOTOS: (top) U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of Aquiline Drones and Lt. General Brooks Bash, Military Advisor at Aquiline Drones in front of the HEF-32, an industrial-grade drone designed for lengthy missions across all terrains.  (bottom) Stephanie Hernandez of East Hartford; one of 25 production technicians hired this year, assembling American-made drones at Aquiline Drones in Hartford.

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