Commercial Drones PilotsGoogle Wing’s ‘OpenSky’ App to Launch in Android, iOS–Flying Drones is Now Easier Than Before

July 8, 2021by helo-10

(Photo : Wing via screenshot from YouTube) Google Wing launches OpenSky app that will make the pilots more obedient in flying their drones.

Through the latest Google Wing app, OpenSky, pilots can now ask authorizations to fly their drones. The free app is made possible with the help of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and it will now serve both iOS and Android users.

OpenSky to Come in Android and iOs Platforms

According to a report by PetaPixel, before the program arrived in the United States to assist the pilots in drone flying, it was first announced in 2019 in Australia.

Now, regardless if you are an Android or an iOS user, you could utilize the free app.

The OpenSky app will be a big help to those pilots who do not know the potential spots where they can fly their unmanned aircraft. Using Google Maps, the application will point you exactly to those locations through a color-coding scheme.

For instance, areas that are colored yellow symbolize restricted areas. These places might ask you some requirements that you need to comply with. It’s also possible that some restrictions are imposed in a specific location because they are intended for the public.

On the other hand, the green areas will give you the chance to safely fly your drone without any problems. Meanwhile, your drone cannot fully operate in areas in the map that are colored red, Drone Life wrote in its recent report.

Apart from the color patterns that suggest if you should go or not for drone flying, the app offers you authorization to fly in limited vicinities.

For the approval, you will be granted a “near real-time authorizations” called the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC).

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Take Note Of this When Using OpenSky

If your flight is tomorrow already, you can simply conduct pre-planning to where you should go before your preferred schedule. If you want to prefer exploring the sensitive areas, you need to ask for early approval so that you won’t have any issues when the official schedule comes.

If you want to test this process, make sure to screen grab some pictures of your flight approval to push through the flight amid unforeseen issues like weak signals. Remember that you need to present proof to the law enforcers and rangers around the area.

OpenSky App Lets Pilots Be More Compliant

Controlling drones exceeding 0.55 pounds will first need to be registered for flight operations under the FAA. The drone pilots should comply with the regulations in the region.

Back in December 2020, FAA implemented the Remote Identification (ID) en route to the growing innovation and technological advancements. This will also allow the operators to know more tools that they could use later.

“Compliance will ultimately expand the uses and benefits of drones – among them an emergency response, commercial inspections, and contactless delivery-to more people,” Wing wrote in its blog on Tuesday, June 29.

Currently, there are about two million registered drones in the US alone. Google Wing sees that this increasing number of unmanned aircraft will benefit from the latest OpenSky application.

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