Commercial Drones PilotsHamilton council approves new drone legislation, may adjust it soon

October 1, 2021by helo-10

“We understand your residents’ concerns, and do appreciate you removing parts from the first reading, however, there is a litany and likely unintended consequences if you pass this along as a second reading,” the DSPA wrote, according to a verbal reading of the message at the meeting.

Chad Hankins of Tamarack Aerial Services in North Olmsted, Ohio, made the trip to request more consideration. Many of the issues the city is trying to address already are covered by federal laws and other requirements under laws for drone operators, he said. He noted commercial drone pilots undergo federal background checks.

Mayor Pat Moeller told Hankins, “We had a situation where a drone operator was really terrorizing a neighborhood, and this is not a ban on drones. We’re just looking for the appropriate use of them.”

It’s not intended to affect those who use drones for legal commercial uses or legitimate hobbyists.

One such local hobbyist, Justin McCollum, said he completely supported protections for citizens but said he believed the legislation could be streamlined “to get a good, clean law,” that wouldn’t discourage people, like those who have attended successful Hamilton drone events in the past, from visiting.

Hankins told city officials the Federal Aviation Administration can investigate inappropriate drone use.

Council Member Eric Pohlman, responding to the drone pilots’ concerns made a motion that the council table the matter until its Oct. 13 meeting to more fully consider amendments that could be made. Nobody seconded his motion. Pohlman said he especially was interested to know how quickly the FAA could respond to a drone voyeurism complaint.

Pohlman voted with the majority after being assured the legislation can be improved in the near future if that seems warranted.

“We can edit as soon as the next council meeting,” Block said.

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