UAV Drone IndustryHanergy’s Thin-film Battery Has a Record Conversion Rate and Will Be Used in Drones and Automobiles

August 17, 2021by helo-10

A few days ago, after measurement and certification by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Hanergy’s overseas subsidiary Alta’s gallium arsenide double-junction battery conversion rate reached 31.6%, setting a new world record again. Hanergy has thus become the world champion of double-junction gallium arsenide batteries (31.6%) and single-junction batteries (28.8%). Coupled with the two world-first technologies maintained by the previous copper indium gallium selenium components, Hanergy currently has four records for flexible thin-film batteries.

Alta is the world’s leading manufacturer of thin-film solar cell technology, producing flexible gallium arsenide solar cells with the highest conversion efficiency in the world. Public data shows that its efficiency is 8% higher than that of global mass-produced monocrystalline silicon technology and 10% higher than polycrystalline silicon; under the same area, its efficiency can reach 2 to 3 times that of ordinary flexible solar cells, which can be Provide support for a wide range of mobile power applications.

In August 2014, Hanergy announced the completion of the acquisition of Alta. Through this acquisition, Hanergy has become the unquestioned technology leader in the global solar photovoltaic industry. Li Hejun, Chairman of the Hanergy Group Board of Directors, said: “The acquisition of Alta will effectively expand Hanergy’s thin-film power generation technology route and promote Hanergy’s leading position in the global solar photovoltaic industry.” After the completion of the merger, Hanergy continued to increase Alta’s Investment in research and development of thin-film solar cell technology, and continue to promote the development and industrialization of its technology.

Alta’s thin-film solar cell technology provides an additional source of power for equipment by converting light energy into electrical energy, and in many cases, it can eliminate the traditional power cord. In addition, because Alta’s thin-film battery technology can be seamlessly integrated into any final electronic product, this technology has attracted the attention of unmanned systems, especially the drone market. “Yunyi  goal has always been to make solar energy an unused configuration and application, and the application of drones will become an important example of how this happened.” Alta Chief Marketing Officer Rich Kapusta said publicly.

It is understood that Alta’s thin-film battery technology increases the power-to-weight ratio, which will enable aircraft using this technology to produce more performance. For example, when used on a typical high-altitude long-endurance drone, Alta’s thin-film battery materials require less than half of the area and one-quarter of the weight to provide the same amount of energy as other power generation technologies. The space and weight saved can give drone designers more design options. The extra battery on the drone can provide longer flight time and operating life. In addition, the load function can be used to provide higher speed and longer distance wireless communication. The optimization of these two designs will bring considerable economic value to UAV operators.

Not only that, Alta also provides a variety of solar technologies for other applications, including solar cars, wearable devices and the Internet of Things, aimed at eliminating the need to replace batteries or charging processes. In October 2015, Hanergy SolarPower, a solar-powered vehicle independently developed by Hanergy, was officially unveiled. The car is a clean energy car driven by solar power. It combines Alta’s flexible gallium arsenide technology with a streamlined body design, allowing the car to directly use solar energy like chlorophyll without any carbon dioxide emissions.

It is reported that Hanergy will continue to maintain the development strategy of equal emphasis on the international and domestic markets. While deepening the existing businesses of photovoltaic building integration, flexible roofs, household power generation, automotive applications, etc., through technical integration with Alta, in addition to unmanned In addition to the field of mobile phones, it will also actively explore business development in the field of consumer electronic devices, such as mobile phone emergency charging, remote exploration, automobiles, and the Internet of Things.

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