drone pilot industryHartford’s Aquiline Drones buys AI company

September 15, 2021by helo-10

Hartford-based aerial drone and cloud technology company Aquiline Drones has acquired a firm specializing in artificial intelligence software in a bid to enhance its own AI framework.

In a statement, Aquiline confirmed it had bought ElluminAI Labs but did not disclose a purchase price. Company officials said the linkup will help advance the development of Spartacus, Aquiline’s artificial intelligence system, which is integrated into a number of the company’s operations.

“Our acquisition of ElluminAI will produce a powerful system that delivers a modular, deep learning cognitive framework, capable of flight optimization, training assistance and data analysis for the most sophisticated business processes involving commercial drones to essentially improve a company’s profitability,” said Aquiline founder and CEO Barry Alexander. “What’s more is the superior and scientific architecture that ElluminAI brings to the table that will monitor and manage the AD ecosystem more accurately, skillfully and successfully.”

According to Aquiline, the Spartacus AI framework has already been put to work in a number of capacities, including analyzing visual data collected by drones, and will eventually be used in other areas, including as a virtual assistant during drone pilot training programs.

Alexander said Spartacus has applications beyond the drone industry, including the management of home security systems, energy usage and vehicle maintenance, and can be enhanced for different Internet of Things systems.

The ElluminAI deal marks Aquiline’s second acquisition this summer.

In August, the company completed the purchase of a 50% stake in Dutch drone maker AerialTronics for $9 million. AerialTronics is a subsidiary of Drone Volt, a publicly-traded French manufacturer of professional civil-use drones.

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