UAV Drone IndustryHeadlines – July 14, 2021

July 15, 2021by helo-10


Russia warns U.S. against deploying troops in Central Asia near Afghanistan-
The warning comes as the U.S. military said last week that 90 percent of the withdrawal of U.S. troops and equipment from Afghanistan is complete.
U.S. personnel sent to protect embassy in Haiti-
The United States sent personnel to protect the U.S. embassy in Haiti amid turmoil following the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, three U.S. officials told Reuters.


Who is buying Israeli counter-drone systems in South Asia?-
Israel Aerospace Industries has announced the sale of dozens of counter-UAV Drone Guard systems to an unnamed South Asian country.
Teledyne FLIR to develop wearable chemical detector-
The Pentagon is contracting with industry to develop a “mass-wearable” device for U.S. troops that will better protect them from chemical and biological threats on the battlefield.


House appropriators advance $706 billion defense spending bill-
The House Appropriations Committee on July 13 approved a $706 billion defense spending bill for fiscal 2022 over the objections of panel Republicans.
Navy secretary nominee supports expanding fleet, but says more money is needed-
President Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Navy voiced strong support July 13 for plans to maintain a 355-ship Navy but also acknowledged that reaching that goal will require “additional resources” from Congress in coming years.
U.S. Army is training the first batch of Space Marines-
This is how baby Space Marines are made.
U.S. Navy, Pentagon to test large unmanned ships in operationally relevant scenarios as program winds down-
The U.S. Navy and the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office are making the most of the remaining months of their partnership on the Ghost Fleet Overlord unmanned surface vessel program, taking lessons learned from two recent voyages across the Panama Canal and upping the ante by putting these USVs into fleet exercises and operations.
U.S. Air Force gives a green light for the KC-46 to start limited refueling operations-
The KC-46 will be permitted to use its centerline drogue system to refuel aircraft for U.S. Transportation Command.


Black female WWII unit hoping to get congressional honor-
The 6888th Central Directory Postal Battalion was credited with solving a growing mail crisis during its stint in England and, upon their return, serving as a role model to generations of Black women who joined the military.
Pandemic exposed strain from VA benefit appeals caseloads-
COVID-19 caused attorneys who hear appeals to struggle with caseloads and prevented plans to reduce legacy appeals backlogs.

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