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September 3, 2021by helo-10

  • heliguy™ Operations Manual framework judged to meet the highest industry standards;
  • IQ Verify has endorsed it against the requirements of BS ISO 21384-3: 2019 – a robust UAS safety and quality standard;
  • The independent audit validates heliguy™ as offering the highest standards of training and ongoing operational effectiveness; 
  • heliguy™ is the only RAE (Recognised Assessment Entity) to have achieved this recognition;
  • heliguy™ GVC and PfCO to GVC candidates, as well as operators renewing their Operations Manual, will have a document which meets these high standards, as well as being CAA compliant;
  • This is an important first step for operators wanting to obtain IQ Verify’s official UAS Operations Gold certification, which can give organisations the competitive edge.  

The heliguy™ Operations Manual framework has been judged to meet the highest drone industry standards.

IQ Verify – an accredited UK Certification Body – has endorsed the heliguy™ Operations Manual ecosystem against the requirements of BS ISO 21384-3: 2019.


BS ISO 21384‑3:2019 provides a framework of best practice against which commercial UAS organisations can be measured and audited. It represents the international best practice for the safe operation of drones and forms a robust UAS safety and quality standard.

Validation by IQ Verify ensures the quality of the Operations Manual process and provides evidence that heliguy™ – as a CAA-approved RAE (Recognised Assessment Entity) – promotes the highest standards of training and ongoing operational effectiveness.

heliguy™ is the only RAE to achieve such recognition and from today, all heliguy™ GVC and PfCO to GVC Conversion course candidates, as well as personnel benefiting from the Operations Manual Renewal Services, will have the ability to produce an Operations Manual which aligns to such standards, as well as being compliant with CAA requirements.



Obtaining an Operations Manual which supports the satisfaction of key requirements of BS ISO 21384-3: 2019 will also assist UAS operators in achieving IQ Verify’s official UAS Operations Gold certification, a certification verified through an independent audit process.

While not a legal requirement, this wider certification – most likened to ISO 9001 – is an endorsement that a company complies with best-practice principles, safety and operational management of their UAS programme, beyond the requirements of the CAA alone.

The standards incorporate a number of key areas including; Safety and Security, Data Protection and Cyber Security, Operator Documentation and Insurance, Operations Management, Maintenance and Privacy.

Clients who receive UAS Operations Gold status can benefit from discounted UAS insurance premiums from Coverdrone and Moonrock. It may also add value to tender applications, elevating the organisation over that of its competitors during business discussions for the provision of UAS services.

Ben Shirley, Head of Training at heliguy™, said: “The Operations Manual is a document which often comes with a negative stigma of being a document to appease the CAA, which couldn’t be further from the truth.



“It is instead, a document, or series of documents which detail the policies and procedures by which an organisation will ensure the safety of their UAS, personnel and performance; amongst other important factors. It is a continuously evolving document and one which seeks to standardise and maintain the highest standards of operational safety.

“UAS Operations Gold provides a credible assurance to clients and customers that your organisation harnesses a culture where operational safety, conformity, governance and assurance are at the forefront of UAS operations according to BS ISO 21384-3: 2019.

“It incorporates a comprehensive assessment of a UAS Operator, far beyond the simple compilation of policies and procedures, validating that the organisation can operate according to best-practice principles.



“We see this as a significant progression for our enterprise clients and from today, all heliguy™ GVC candidates will benefit from the opportunity to produce an Operations Manual which has been validated to meet the foundations of BS ISO 21384-3: 2019. 

“Likewise, those utilising our Operations Manual Renewal Service will also have such an opportunity. Organisations can, if they so wish, obtain formal recognition by IQ Verify.”

Laurie Clarke, IQ Verify Director, said: “The Operations Manual – and adherence to it – is at the core of any well functioning and effective UAS Operation. BS ISO 21384-3 is a relatively new UAS specific standard that was developed to supplement these procedural requirements so as to ensure safe and standardised operational activities, from flight planning through to deployment.

“It is exciting to see that the heliguy™ Operations Manual supports the satisfaction of several key clauses within this recognised drone standard, providing a foundation for best practice at all stages of operation.

“Organisations wishing to receive further validation of their operational efficacy can now use their compliance with this Operations Manual as a springboard to achieve full certification against BS ISO 21384-3, as verified through the IQ Verify UAS Operations Gold Certificate.”

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