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August 7, 2021by helo-10

A HIDDEN message written in a field at Worcester Woods Country Park has been discovered by a drone.

The drone’s pilot Adam Llewellyn was surprised to see the name “Rob” written on the field near the Countryside Centre.

The name is written in giant letters on Hornhill Meadows Local Nature Reserve which forms part of the country park.

However, the person behind the writing remains a mystery – though chances are their name is Rob.

Mr Llewellyn found the letters when he was showing his drone to a colleague from Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

He said: “It’s become a hobby of mine. I use this drone for photographs and I’ve had a few requests to take pictures of different things.

“I was testing it over County Hall when I came across it.

“Someone had written Rob, it’s very bizarre.

“It’s strange because walking across the field we had no idea it was there.”

Mr Llewellyn, from Droitwich, has shared pictures on Facebook and friends are tagging in fellow Robs to see if they can solve the mystery.

“No one has owned up yet,” he added.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council shed some light on who may have been responsible.

“The wildflower meadow which forms part of Hornhill Meadows Local Nature Reserve at Worcester Woods Country Park was being cut as part of our annual hay-cut to encourage the growth of wildflowers.

“This positive management forms part of Worcestershire’s Pollinator Strategy to attract bees, insects and other wildlife.

“One of our countryside officers was trialling a new cut and collect machine whilst mowing the field and the drone captured a bird’s eye view of the job mid-way through.

“The meadow has been fully cut now, and is ready for next year’s growth of wildflowers.”

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