drone pilot industryHolcim takes drone work to new heights at Siggenthal

August 12, 2021by helo-10

Holcim Switzerland’s Siggenthal cement plant is being used as a pilot site for Holcim Group’s global “Plants of Tomorrow” initiative. As part of the programme, the plant is testing the latest 4.0 technologies and working methods to make cement production more efficient and sustainable. 

In the latest collaboration with the ETHZ start-up “Voliro”, special drones are being used in Siggenthal for maintenance work at great heights, which Holcim claims is a world first.

Holcim is using the drones for the inspection and maintenance of those systems that are difficult for employees to reach. Therefore, the Voliro drones are used on the steel walls and casings of production facilities and silos. They can be rotated around all axes by a special rotor system and thus allow manoeuvres in vertical positions or even upside down. 

Holcim sees the possible uses of drones primarily in the context of regular inspections and controls of buildings and steel structures.

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