Drone Pilot JobsHow to fly your DJI drone: 7 steps to becoming a confident drone pilot

October 2, 2021by helo-10

Flying drones these days is incredibly easy and fun, despite the common misconception that they’re difficult use. Drone technology has evolved at lightening speed in recent years, mainly thanks to DJI drones, and it’s now possible for beginners to fly one with relative ease.

That said, there are a few important steps that we go always through to make the whole experience go as smoothly as possible. One of the most important aspects of flying drones is familiarizing yourself with their flight controls, so you know how to control the aircraft, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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There is more to being a drone pilot than just buying a machine and flying in your backyard. It can be that simple, but most of us will need to understand some drone laws before we try to take to the sky.


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