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November 7, 2021by helo-10

Johnnette Technologies, an Indian Drone manufacturer and the parent company of Indian Institute of Drones, the no. 1 Drone pilot training school in India signs a MoU with a Ghanian company to setup a Drone Pilot training and Manufacturing company in Ghana.    

Drones have been the latest buzz around the globe because of its ever-increasing usage in different industries and its immense potential to be leveraged to create jobs and impact the economy of any country that adopts this technology. Drones have been widely used in India ranging from Aerial Mapping of the entire country under the “SWAMITVA” scheme introduced by the honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi to delivering medicines to Rural areas in Telangana under the “Medicines from the Sky” project which has been given the nod by Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia, The Minister of Civil Aviation in India.

With a vision to create cutting edge drones and to meet the growing demand of drone pilots across the world, Lt Cdr John Livingstone – Founder and CEO of Johnnette Technologies signed a MoU with Jones Owusu Yeboah –Founder of SEWA foundation, a non-governmental organization committed to the eradication of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. “I want to use this opportunity to increase the job opportunities for youth of Ghana. It has been my life long mission to help people and create opportunities for individuals who do not have access to basic technology” says Jones. This is a tremendous opportunity for the current generation of students to ride on the Drone technology wave that is spreading around the world. The Drone pilot training will be done under the name of Indian Institute of Drones – Ghana and the Drone manufacturing under the newly established company Johnnette Jones Technologies Ltd. Team Johnnette Jones and the delegates at the Embassy of Ghana, New Delhi had a meeting on the same on 24 Sep 2021.  

About Organizations:

Johnnette Technologies Pvt Ltd. has been a pioneer in the development of Unmanned Systems Technology in India. The company was registered in April 2014 and since then the company has been providing cutting edge high-quality aerospace systems to the paramilitary, commercial, aerospace and defence sectors with expertise in the Unmanned Systems technology. Indian Institute of Drones (A subsidiary of Johnnette Technologies) is the no. 1 Drone training institute in India. Having Trained more than 3000 Drone Pilots in India, it specializes in training professionals and Drone technology enthusiasts who have the willingness to learn the art of flying drones to carry out UAV piloting and operations with great emphasis on flight safety and security issues.

SEWA Foundation is a non-governmental organization committed to the eradication of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. It mainly focuses on contributing to the reduction of the causes of child trafficking and child slavery. They operate in the areas of anti-human trafficking, anti-human smuggling, prevention of child abuse and child labor in Ghana. SEWA foundation leads campaigns to rescue victims both in Ghana and abroad. The Foundation spearheads awareness creation on television, radio, social media and other media channels to prevent, Human Trafficking, Illegal Migration and rescue of Stranded Migrant in the Diasporas. 

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