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July 21, 2021by helo-10

ANDERSON COUNTY (WSPA)–Law enforcement agencies in Anderson County need you to join their team.

The Anderson Police Department said they are seeing a lack of officers right now.

“Yes it is a shortage for us at the moment,” said Chief Jim Stewart, Anderson Police Department.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said its department is working to ensure their positions stay filled across the board.

“Here with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, we’re definitely not experiencing a shortage like some of these other agencies are facing. We have numerous agencies in South Carolina that are short almost by 100 officers in certain departments,” said Sheriff Chad McBride, Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. “But for us, we like to stay as fully staffed as possible,” he said.

The Anderson Police Department has 14 positions available in patrol.

APD is looking to hire the following:

Based upon experience

·  Recruit (Non certified Police Officer) – $37,598.35

·  Certified Police Officer) – $39,478.26

·  Sr. Officer – $42,439.13   ————————-2 plus years experience

“We’re trying to increase technology to try to attract those officers with new body cameras, new tasers. We’ve started our own drone team with five drones. We have started a shield team. We have a riot team in place now based on what happened last year, just to have that for safety purposes. We should be accredited by the end of the year,” Chief Stewart said. “The new tasers are here, and the difference in the technology is a regular taser, what we had in the past was a one shot,” Chief Stewart said. “New tasers have double shot so they have double capacity if they miss the first time…”

Sheriff McBride said their biggest need is for detention center officers.

“Our biggest need right now are detention deputies, and we were about 10 short. We’ve just recently hired four more, so we have about six more positions,” Sheriff McBride said. “Right now, starting pay at the detention center is $43,800 starting, so it’s a good competitive salary, great benefits.” he said. “Just five years ago, detention officers started probably around $27,000 a year, and now it’s $43,800, so we’ve made some big strides in pay,” Sheriff McBride said.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is also looking to fill four dispatcher positions.

“So, we’re always looking for good personnel, and of course we try to be extremely competitive as far as law enforcement agencies can be,” Sheriff McBride said.

“We’re just trying to stay fully staffed like every other law enforcement agency. Things go so much better with a fully staffed agency, than having the openings, so we’re working hard,” Chief Stewart said.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said they do have one patrol deputy position open, but they won’t be able to hire for that position until October.

Chief Jim Stewart said after grant approval, they should be getting body cameras next year.

“New body cameras just come with new technology, new software. A lot slimmer, they’re more wearable for the officer. And we’re in the evolution of e-tickets now. We’re no longer handwriting tickets anymore. Everything that we do is with computer,” Chief Stewart said.

The sheriff’s Office is expected to have its Use of Force Training Simulator up soon.  

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