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October 17, 2021by helo-10

For just a few days, these 17 coding and engineering bundles are just $20 each. Whether you’re looking to master a new coding language, build your own gear, or get more from the tech you own, act fast to get these bundles at our lowest price.

IT professional Vijay Saini shows you how to script, automate, and design tools with PowerShell, Microsoft’s configuration and automation tool.

Get the Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle for $20 (reg. $600).

Learn everything you need about cybersecurity to pass any certification exam, with the help of senior penetration tester Mohamed Atef.

Get the A to Z Cyber Security & IT Certification Training Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,437).

Ahmed Madhy, a working power engineer, lays out how to power machines, connect solar panels, and much more.

Get the Ultimate Electrical Power Engineer Preparation Program Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,000).

Learn the mathematics behind engineering from the engineers who use math every day, with courses on applied calculus, linear algebra, matrices, and statistics.

Get The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,195).

This 27-course bundle touches on every popular coding language, from app development in Swift to robotics operating systems.

Get the Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle for $20 (reg. $4,056).

Scott Duffy and Anand Nednur work with Azure every day as cloud architects and trainers, and these six courses dig into what you need to know to work with Azure and get certified as an expert.

Get the 2021 Complete Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,194).

This 13-course bundle is designed to get those new to code working as professionals, looking at data science, web development, and Python.

Get the Master Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle for $20 (reg. $2,594).

The Oak Academy Team has designed this for both IT professionals and beginners, to demonstrate and then have you perform the fundamentals of penetration testing, network scanning, exploits, and social engineering.

Get the 2021 All-in-One Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,800).

Learn how Ethereum and Solidity work together in this new financial and data instrument, from experts who use it daily.

Get the Cryptocurrency with Ethereum & Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,200).

Eduardo Renard, a computer engineer and roboticist, once built a robot arm entirely from scratch using tools like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. In these 6 courses, he lays out step-by-step the knowledge you need to build your own bots.

Get the 2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle for $20 (reg. $995).

A team of data experts shows you how to get the most from Excel and Google Sheets, and how to use them both for the best results.

Get the Premium Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle for $20 (reg. $2,200).

Over 79 hours, this bundle will show you everything you need to begin developing your own machine learning tools, from the basics of Python to managing Big Data.

Get the Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle for $20 (reg. $2,388).

Mathematicians, engineers, and entrepreneurs have you learn math by doing it, demonstrating concepts and applying problems so you can master concepts.

Get the Ultimate Learn to Master Mathematics Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,800).

Professional drone pilots teach you how to get the best footage and how to film tricky subjects from the air.

Get the All-in-One Phantom DJI Drone & Mavic Filmschool Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,400).

Blockchain experts explain what a non-fungible token is, and how artists and others can use them to monetize assets, in this 6-course bundle.

Get the Complete NFT & Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Masterclass Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,200).

The experienced Java programmers teaching in this bundle use real-world problems and help you code through them, learning how Java functions by doing.

Get the Premium Java Programming Certification Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,600).

Experienced web developers get you up to speed fast with code-along projects and training in Bootstrap, OpenGL, VR for the web, and much more.

Get the Web Development Crash Course Bundle for $20 (reg. $1,200).

Prices subject to change.

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