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June 30, 2021by helo-10

Steve Bouser’s two columns about forced universal conscription for teenagers after high school were indeed asinine.

The power projection of a country like the United States makes the use of millions of children pointless from a military standpoint, unless you’re trying to recreate a police state.

Want to help kids orient themselves toward adulthood with goals and motivation? Imagine if baby boomers stopped kicking their collection of cans down the road and did something about the cost of college education. There is your simple solution for young adults missing out on opportunities, guidance and development.

Young folks have to face reality much earlier than entitled out-of-touch boomers who grew up basking in the shadow of the greatest generation, because modern kids are looking at being six figures in debt by their early 20s if they want a great degree. That is just simply pathetic in the richest country in the world. In fact, “millennials” and “zoomers” are the first generations in American history with less wealth than every previous generation.

Half of our general population doesn’t even trust (or understand) something as simple as voting, yet you think millions of kids being essentially indoctrinated and forced to train as violent tools of said government is a good idea? For what non-military purpose? Building bridges for the folks in charge who haven’t budgeted for infrastructure projects in 30 years? Out of touch.

Some respondents suggested that young adults should give up a couple more years because of rhetoric like, “I did it and so should they.” Frankly, that is a cycle of acceptable violence which humanity desperately needs to stop. The Cold War is over. You don’t need 10,000,000 teenage soldiers to drop unmanned drone strikes on the Third World.

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