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July 30, 2021by helo-10

LOS ANGELES (ABC4) – A pilot recently reported seeing a jetpack flying near Los Angeles International Airport – and this is not the first time.

ABC4 affiliate ABC7 reports a pilot called air traffic control Wednesday evening to report a “possible jet pack man in sight.”

In a statement shared with ABC7, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson says the pilot reported the jetpack flying at 5,000 feet altitude.

Last fall, the FAA and FBI announced an investigation into reports from airline pilots that someone was flying in a jetpack as they approached Los Angeles International.

Industry expert David Mayman tells the Associated Press he was dubious that it was a jetpack spotted by the pilots.

“It’s very, very unlikely with the existing technology,” said Mayman, CEO of the Los Angeles-based company Jetpack Aviation. “I’m open to being surprised. But I don’t think there’s anyone working on technology that could do a flight from ground level to 3,000 feet and then come back down again.”

Mayman speculated that it could have been a drone, but he added that 3,000 feet was on the high end of what most drones were capable of.

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