Commercial Drones PilotsNational Drone Safety Awareness Week: We’re All In

September 12, 2021by helo-10

It’s National Drone Safety Awareness Week, hosted by the FAA Safety Team (FAAST), and we’re all in.  DRONELIFE has teamed up with Dawn Zoldi of P3Tech Consulting and Dave Krause, volunteer FAAST member and co-founder of Influential Drones to bring you a brief 2 -3 minute video on an important safety topic every day.  You can check out these videos right here in the article you’ll find every day (Monday’s below) or on our DRONELIFE  TV YouTube channel.  Live at 8:00 AM EST on Monday, September 13: Safe Flyers Take TRUST.

Each day this week we’ll feature a short educational video about the Drone Safety Awareness topic of the day – and on Wednesday, don’t miss the Dawn of Drones Podcast, with an in-depth discussion on creating a safety culture in the drone industry.

From the FAA:

Each day of the week is dedicated to a specific educational theme:

  • Monday: Safe Flyers Take The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)
  • Tuesday: Register and Mark Your Drone
  • Wednesday: Become a Part of a Flying Community
  • Thursday: New Rules – Remote Identification and Operations Over People
  • Friday:  Public Safety & Public Acceptance
  • Saturday and Sunday: Share the Skies – Get Out and Fly

The FAA projects that 1.5 million drones will be in the air by 2025. Drone Safety Awareness Week will also highlight the advancements of this exciting technology. Participants will hear from drone pilots and industry experts on important drone safety educational topics.


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There is more to being a drone pilot than just buying a machine and flying in your backyard. It can be that simple, but most of us will need to understand some drone laws before we try to take to the sky.


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