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August 26, 2021by helo-10

Mr Graham branded the move as having “no common sense” and demanded that the National Trust encourage its workers to wear shorts, short-sleeve shirts and hats in the hot weather instead of bring in siesta’s for staff. He also questioned where staff will be able to sleep at National Trust venues. His furious comments come as staff across all National Trust-owned properties and reserves will be impacted by the policy which the Trust say is a result of rising temperatures caused by climate change. According to the charity, last month’s heatwave made gardening and essential maintenance to outdoor areas “almost impossible” that staff had to take regular breaks throughout the day to stay cool.

He slammed: “Now apparently thing’s have got so bad in the National Trust that it is too hot for the workers at the National Trust properties.

The radio host joked how even the “780 miles of coastline” and “600,000 acres of countryside” will be affected by the policy change.

He added: “What they are saying is that they are going to offer all workers who work fo the national trust Mediterranean working hours.

“This is absolutely incredible!”

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Mr Graham went on to take aim at Lanhydrock House in Cornwall where the National Trust have said staff are allowed to start work earlier to avoid the sun.

In response, he slammed: “We are not talking Dubai here! We are not talking Qatar levels of heat!

“Have you been outside? It’s not that hot!”

The talkRADIO host went on to address the news that gardeners became overheated during last month’s heatwave to which he offered a few “common sense” solutions. 

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“In recent years staff have already started employing this, with gardeners and some property staff in particular starting earlier than they normally would…

“And then taking a longer break than usual to avoid the hottest part of the day, in some instances returning again late afternoon as temperatures cool.”

Hilary McGrady, the director-general of the National Trust insisted the move was a good idea, she said: “I can’t pretend it is always pretty or I like it when people say nasty things about you, but I have got to think the trust is doing the right thing.

“If others try to politicise that, there is not an awful lot I can do.”

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