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November 19, 2021by helo-10

Huisman, a Dutch company best known for its cranes for the offshore energy industry, has recently launched a drone inspection service for the inspection of cranes, drilling, and pipelay equipment.

The company said the service is offered from Huisman’s locations in the Netherlands, Singapore, China, the USA, and Brazil.

“Huisman has extended its service portfolio with drone inspections based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high-resolution camera technology to offer advanced levels of safety, visibility, and efficiency in its clients’ equipment maintenance procedures,” the company said Thursday.

“By performing a remote visual inspection with a qualified drone pilot, there is no need for scaffolding, thus removing the requirement for people to access hazardous locations. Not only does this process improve safety, but it also offers a faster approach to inspection, enabling repair and maintenance work to commence sooner,” Huisman said.

‘Equipment Inspector’

Huisman, together with H3 Zoom, developed the specialized ‘Equipment Inspector’ AI software to quickly analyze collected data and create a detailed report that indicates whether the inspected assets need to be repaired urgently or in the future.

“With this highly accurate way of reporting, repairs and maintenance works can be better prioritized, scheduled, and budgeted,” Huisman said.

Martijn Reissenweber, Director Huisman Services: “We are very proud to have launched our drone inspection service, which enables our clients to safely inspect their assets with full coverage, quick turnaround, and at lower cost. This new service is a valuable addition to our existing service portfolio, enabling us to support our clients’ operations worldwide and optimize safety, uptime, and performance of their equipment.”

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