Drone Pilot SchoolOne Flandreau Man’s Mission To Inspire Kids To Pursue STEM

August 12, 2021by helo-10

Kills-a-Hundred demonstrates his equipment to kids at Marty Indian School.  The pandemic put the brakes on these school demonstrations. But he plans to resume his school trips as a way to share his knowledge with students.  

“Helping other tribes will be a top priority too,” he said. “Just so that they can be exposed to this technology that we have here.” 

Kills-a-Hundred thinks this can open up potential careers to many Native Americans. For example, once they become registered as a licensed drone pilot, they can work independently or for a company.  

“Trying to get companies and tribes and different entities to accept younger people to do these jobs that they do so effortlessly, that’s what I’m hoping comes to not just reservations but everybody. I would like to see that done,” Kills-a-Hundred said.  

He says he is already seeing a spark amongst kids who are interested in science.  

“And I really do think that some of these young people are following their spirit. They’ll go to a class and then they’ll talk about ‘yeah but in a few years, we can do this. They’re already thinking about the future and how they can use this technology.” 

Garrie Kills-a-Hundred is continuing work with the church and community. He hopes to expand his travel to include more schools.  

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