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October 5, 2021by helo-10

Pataa seamlessly integrates all components of efficient drone delivery, not only giving that extra edge to companies, but also to consumers. It provides them a hassle free, quick delivery by just entering their short Pataa code to provide the required GPS coordinates. The app has had 5.4 million + downloads and its users are availing the benefits of its features. New aerial technologies like drone deliveries are set to play a major role in an economy looking for innovative ways to increase last mile efficiency and meet the demands of the coronavirus crisis and a global reset. According to recent research, the drone delivery market is estimated to reach around USD 6051 million by 2026 and has already started evolving in the western part of the world.

On the economic front, last mile deliveries are the pet-peeve of most supply chain management companies. Companies abroad have already kick started the process through medical supplies to far flung areas, which was especially the use case in the recent Pandemic. With the improvement in technology, delivery through drones will soon be a reality in India as well.


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While this seems an uphill task considering administrative rules and regulations, Pataa Navigations Pvt. Ltd. has stepped up the game and given us a watershed moment through its addressing app,
Pataa. Pataa converts your long and complex address into a unique short code and simplifies complex addressing systems by tagging precise location, user recommended routes, user recorded voice directions and more, thus making last mile navigation easy.

How will Pataa enhance the efficiency of drone delivery?

Pataa will provide the exact latitude and longitudinal coordinates which is the only language that the drone understands. It is just impossible for a drone to read the layman language of worded addresses; for example-183 Ghanshyam Nagar behind Hanuman Mandir etc. 80% addresses in India are landmark-based and rarely have a geotag added to any address. We did not have a digital language of addressing to date. Pataa is the first language in the country that converts latitude-longitude into a personalised code that is easy to share, explain and now the language of the future that drones can understand.

How will the process work?

Pataa has divided the entire globe into 3 square meter blocks. When someone enters the ^pataa code, the Pataa API converts it into GPS coordinates to route UAV to a precise 3 square meter destination having a Pataa Ad Pad with QR code. This plays a very important role in delivering to the right address because drone landing is made possible on Address pads. The process of delivery becomes safe and easy when landing sites, pick-up and drop-off are added with precision.

This is what the drone delivery process looks like-

  • You place the order by entering your ^pataa in the Address Field in any E-commerce website.
  • When the user inputs the pataa code, like JAIN53, KUMAR100, the drone picks it up and hits the address API in order to get the exact lat-long.
  • The drone will then define the exact route and reach the exact latitude- longitude. Pataa has come up with Address Pads which have 1 square meter size QR codes.
  • The drone will then check the aerial distance from the exact lat-long. The drone will automatically take off to the GPS coordinates of the exact delivery location.
  • Upon reaching the delivery location, the drone will locate the QR code and land on the Adpad. Post-delivery it will take off for its base again.

Benefits of Pataa Drone Delivery

Once you’ve downloaded the Pataa app, you’re on the world’s first platform which allows you to drop the landmark pin and create the route from the landmark to your house. The company aims to be the only service provider of Ad Pads in the country, which makes your digital address an added advantage. When you get your ^pataa, it is easier to get your delivery at the right time and the right place! Pataa is also working on the technology to integrate supplementary details for drones like altitude which will give the drone the exact height and this can be facilitated by the NFC tags. (Near Field Communication Device built in the address pads)

Students of IIT Indore started a company (SCAS Technology) of drone technology, wherein pataa will be their maps and navigation partner for providing direct location coordinates of lat-long with pataa API, landing & take off AdPads with NFC for better accuracy.

On the B2B end, Pataa is already collaborating with E-commerce and delivery companies to have Pataa in their check-out address field and provide them with lat-long and other information required for drone deliveries. This will also ease customers to get rid of repeated long form filling and will reduce cart abandonment rates.

Pataa seamlessly integrates all components of efficient drone delivery, not only giving that extra edge to companies, but also to consumers. It provides them a hassle-free, quick delivery by entering ^pataa to provide the required GPS coordinates.

Addressing the government segment, drones can be an integral part of a sustainable solution to unpredictable circumstances like natural calamities, emergencies, reach to inaccessible areas and many such situations which demand immediate government intervention. Pataa has already benefitted a million users with a Co-Win button on the Pataa app which has address details of Covid vaccination centres of all major cities in the country.

The global drone package delivery market is growing due to the soaring retail and E-Commerce sector in urban areas. Retail companies are leveraging new technologies for rapid delivering and testing drone delivery services. Their aim is to achieve a profitable last mile delivery and a better buyer experience to the customer. Owning a digital address is imperative in the current drone delivery ecosystem which is now presenting new pathways in the industry.

This article has been produced on behalf of Pataa by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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