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July 20, 2021by helo-10

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is preparing for winter, not by stockpiling road salt or buying new plows, but by advertising for help.

PennDOT says it is hiring Transportation Equipment/CDL Operators, Deisel & Construction Equipment and Auto Mechanics and positions as radio dispatcher, custodian, stock clerk, semi-skilled labor, welder and tradesman helper.

Pay rates range from $14.25 to over $20.

PennDOT offers a listing of available jobs and rates:

Starting hourly rates are:

·       Transportation Equipment/CDL Operator ($19.24)

·       Diesel & Construction Equipment Mechanic ($20.40)

·       Auto Mechanic ($18.08)

·       Semi-Skilled Laborer ($16.05)

·       Tradesman Helper ($16.05)

·       Welder ($18.08)

·       Radio Dispatcher ($14.25)

·       Custodial Worker ($14.25)

·       Stock Clerk ($14.25)

The work is available on a seasonal basis from September 2021 to April 2022 with potential for promotion to a permanent possession.

Applications can be found at www.employment.pa.gov.

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