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flying ballflying ball

flying ballflying ball


Flying Drone is an upgraded hand free induction drone toys for boys or girls aged 6 7 8 9 10 years old and up, Camlinbo comes with extra upward sensor which will not be caught by the roof or fly away. This funny kids gifts will be the new playmate for children.

flying ballflying ball

flying ballflying ball

flying ballflying ball

flying ballflying ball

flying ballflying ball

Turn on the switch

Turn on the power switch at the bottm of the flying ball and press the buttom of the remote

Hold the flying ball vertically

Hold for a while, it will delay to fly in 2 or 3 seconds, then the propellers start to rotate after 3 seconds.

Release the flying ball

Release the ball, put one hand below the ball (palms toward the ball). The ball will fly in the opposite direction of your hand. So funny.

Remote control

When flying, you can use the remote to stop the toy from flying. Please make sure that the transparent launcher of the remote is at the same direction with the ball bottom.

flying ballflying ball

This is a very fun game for friends or family to interact with, especially with your kids and a perfect gift for kids.

Package includes:

2 x Flying toy2 x USB charging cable2 x Remote Control


Material: ABS Plastic

Dimensions: 5.3*2.2 inch

Flight Time: Approx. 6 – 8 minutes

Charging Time: About 15 – 20 minutes

Charging: Computer, charging treasure, power plug


Intelligent anti-collision sensor system–The bottom of balls has a great sensor system, which allows it change flying directions when getting too close the obstacles, no deadly crash. If you use the remote to control the flying ball, it will make it easier to operate.

High quality and High hardness ABS material–Propellers&balance bar adopt the soft high quality material and the ball part is made of the hardness ABS material. The flying ball ‘Resistance to fall’ performance be well improved.


Do not launch at people or animals;

Keep away from the flammable objects;

9.84 feets flying height is suggested;

Please play in the open area.

Under 6 years old children in parents escort, Please.

Newest Version: You will get 1* crystal ball + 1* dinosaur crack ball + 2 * remote control + 2 * USB Cable. TWO flying ball are all built-in with advanced induction launcher and induction receiver at the bottom of the ball. When switched on,it will light on and wait in 2 or 3 seconds, they will fly away from the object downward(move away intelligently). Flying toys will fall at some height, so kids can put their hands underneath to control and keep the naughty ball in the air. Start multiplayer
Multi-player interactive games: you can not only play by yourself, but also play it with your friends and family, passing it back and forth. It’s a really funny game for friends or family interactive, especially playing it with your kids. You can also send it to your kids as a festival’s gift.
Sensitive Control by Hands or Remotes: Adopted advanced infrared sensor at the bottom of the ball to make it motion-sensitive so you can use your hands to control it in the air for interactive play. In addition, you can take off/slowly landing with only one button which can solve the embarrassment of helicopter drone toy flying too high that baby can’t reach it.
Colorful LED Lights: Compared to ordinary flying balls, it equipped with bright and colorful flashing lights makes this kid toys change colors infinitely when flying. When it is on, crystal flying ball will shine crystal clear disco led magic lights and the texture of the blue one is very similar to the crack of a dinosaur egg, emit bursting colourful light from the inside out, very attractive to eyeballs. Especially at night in a dark room, it looks great.
Delicate and Light: Lightweight makes it easy to fly with simple operation, specially designed for beginners like little kids. It is easy for a little boy or girl to learn and control. The aircraft wings are well-made with high flexibility and resistance to meet little kid’s needs. We recommend our flying toys to the groups who are 6 years old or above. NOTE: 3 to 5 years old children in parents escort.


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