A DronesDefCon DD1206 Professional Digital Radio Frequency RF Bluetooth, GSM (Cellular), WiFi, Detector Hunter Sweeper



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Product Description

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DD1206 Hidden Bug Detector ScannerDD1206 Hidden Bug Detector Scanner

The Discover It DD 1206 Will Detect:

All tracking, listening, and surveillance devices give off a unique frequency to relay whatever information is being absorbed back to another main device or central computer. This means that depending on the device, there will be a different frequency being emitted to relay this information.

Frequency Ranges Detected

GSM = 880 – 920 MHz

GSM(DCS) = 1710 – 1790 MHz

WCDMA, 3G, GSM, DECT = 1920 – 2480MHz

Bluetooth, WiFi = 2400 – 2480 MHz

Using the Discovery It DD1206 Hidden Bug Detector ScannerUsing the Discovery It DD1206 Hidden Bug Detector Scanner

Why Do I Need This Device?

GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi, and DECT Bugs are commonplace these days. The ability to place these minuscule devices into everyday objects is an immense threat to everyday security and the privacy of an individual. These enable people to listen in on every single sound you make whether you’re talking business or personally. These threats are not the work of science fiction they are threats that far more people are susceptible than one would think.

DD1206 Frequency Ranges Hidden Bugs Detector ScannerDD1206 Frequency Ranges Hidden Bugs Detector Scanner

What Makes This Device Better Than Similar Ones?

Most bug detectors out there will detect many of the same frequencies that the 1207 I does, but will not include the low energy transmissions that are produced by Bluetooth and WiFi. Ensuring the safety of your working, professional, or any type of environment is entirely possible with the 1206i. Don’t gamble on safety and security, get a detector that will neutralize any possible bug threat.

DD1206 Hidden Bug DetectorDD1206 Hidden Bug Detector


16 segment bar graph indicator3 modes (sound, vibration, mixed)2 sensitivity levelsUp to 20 hour battery life2 Omni Directional Antennae

2 Levels2 Levels

Antenna TypeAntenna Type

Detection Indication TypesDetection Indication Types

Sensitivity GraphSensitivity Graph

The unit delivers two levels of sensitivity making the location process faster.

Micro-Pointer antenna is up to 4X times more sensitive to all signals above 2GHz.

3 Different alert modes.


Wide range of signal types detected and with broad range of frequencies.

Detects ACTIVE GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and RF, 16-segment bar graph indicator providing a wide dynamic range, 4 work modes: silent, sound, vibration and mixed
Correlation function discovers FM-transmitters by the presence of sound is different than other detectors this unit can produce a loop-back effect A microphone transmitter will pick up the sound and transmit the beep. The demodulation display will pick up the transmission and flash simultaneously. Also, when the unit detects other transmission different sounds will come from the unit depending the type of transmission it detects
2 levels of sensitivity (attenuator), Durable metallic body, Microprocessor controlled, Includes the extra antenna allowing the device to avoid interference from external sources in cities or near broadcasting towers etc.Detects Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT, GSM, and RF, Operation up to 20 hours, Power 2Xaaa, Frequency range, Antenna #1: 40MHz – 4Ghz. Antenna # 2: 2.44 GHz


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