A DronesDRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone X Pro LIMITLESS with GPS Auto Return Home, 5G WiFi FPV, 4K UHD Dual Camera, Brushless Motors, Follow Me, 25 Mins Flight Time, Long Control Range Quadcopter



Price: $399.99
(as of Oct 26,2021 20:37:47 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Truly Incredible Features. LIMITLESS 2 is Changing the Game

Drone X Pro LIMITLESS 2 GPS 4K DroneDrone X Pro LIMITLESS 2 GPS 4K Drone

Drone with GPS Auto Return HomeDrone with GPS Auto Return Home

2-axis gimbal drone camera2-axis gimbal drone camera

What is a Drone Gimbal?What is a Drone Gimbal?

GPS Auto Return Home Failsafes

LIMITLESS is equipped with incredible RTH features, meaning the drone AUTOMATICALLY RETURNS HOME in the following situations:

Critically Low BatteryLoss of SignalRTH Button is Pressed

This means you’ll NEVER lose your drone!

*Important-Like all GPS drones, you must ensure you’re in GPS Mode before take-off (Mode 2)

Impressive 2-Axis Gimbal 4K UHD Camera

LIMITLESS now has a 2-axis gimbal which allows you to record cinematography like the pros by producing the smoothest of video footage.

What’s the big deal about a gimbal?

A gimbal allows the drone’s camera to remain at the same angle REGARDLESS of the drone’s movement. This means that regardless of how sharp you turn, or how windy it is, or how fast you fly, the camera will remain perfectly steady AT ALL TIMES.

The majority of similar drones do NOT have a gimbal, but LIMITLESS is changing the game!

Importance of a 2-Axis Gimbal Camera

We’re highlighting the 2-Axis Gimbal Camera again because sometimes beginner drone flyers overlook the importance of having this equipment on the drone they ultimately choose.

Having a Gimbal on a drone is an absolute MUST if you want to record super smooth video footage. Many drones have a number of the same features, but lack a gimbal. Without one, all video footage will look as if someone is violently shaking the camera while filming.

So if you want professional looking video footage, LIMITLESS is your new buddy.

Drone with 4K CameraDrone with 4K Camera

Drone with long battery lifeDrone with long battery life

Drone with 2 camerasDrone with 2 cameras

4K Ultra-HD Camera

Take photos and record every precious memory in 4K Ultra HD Clarity.

LIMITLESS also has an electric camera, which allows you to use the remote and/or the app to wirelessly adjust the camera angle so you get the perfect view you’re looking for

And remember, the camera is working together with the 2-AXIS Gimbal, so all photos/video will come out super smooth and crystal clear!

25min Flight Time on a Single Charge

With the 2800mAh x 7.4V High Capacity Intelligent Battery, you’ll be able to explore for 25 minutes per battery. That’s longer than similar drones.

The LED status light indicator on the back will tell you how much power is left. There’s also a low battery alert to let you know when to bring the drone back in.

Dual Camera

Dual Camera allows you to film form multiple angles.

Not only can you change the angle/tilt of the front camera wirelessly to get the best shots possible, but you can also SWITCH to the drone’s SECOND CAMERA located on the bottom of the fuselage!

This comes in handy when attempting a precision landing, or simply wanting to view the world from a different perspective.

Drone with Follow Me ModeDrone with Follow Me Mode

Drone with long flight rangeDrone with long flight range

Drone Gesture photo and Gesture Video featureDrone Gesture photo and Gesture Video feature

GPS Intelligent Follow Me Mode- The drone will FOLLOW and RECORD your every move…. HANDS-FREE!

WayPoint Track Flight- LIMITLESS drone autonomously flies according to the preset route that you choose. Simply choose which path you want the drone to take by drawing on your phone’s screen with your finger. Then watch the drone fly exactly on the route you created.

Point of Interest Surround- Drone will circle around a point of interest chosen by you and keep the object centered at all times, making for tremendous cinematography.

Long Flight Range

LIMITLESS can fly up to 1200M in total flight range. That’s 3/4 of a Mile! Or nearly 4,000 FT.

And with the Auto Return Home feature, there’s never reason to worry about losing it. Simply press the Automatic Return to Home button, then sit back and relax as you watch your drone autonomously fly back to you.

Gesture Control/Photo/Video

Take SELFIES to a whole new level of simplicity and automation with LIMITLESS.

No need for the remote–Simply make the “peace” sign and get in your pose because LIMITLESS autonomously counts down from 3 and takes a photo.

Rather record video? Just give the “Thumbs up” sign and bam, you’re instantly recording on the beach, hiking, snowboarding…. wherever doing whatever!

Drone with Brushless MotorsDrone with Brushless Motors

Drone Camera Zoom Zooming Camera lensDrone Camera Zoom Zooming Camera lens

Drone microSD CardDrone microSD Card

LIMITLESS is equipped with impressive BRUSHLESS motors that provide EXTREME WIND RESISTANCE!

If you’re looking for a durable drone with a long lifespan like LIMITLESS, make sure it’s equipped with brushless motors. Brushless motors are much more efficient, durable, powerful, and are also quieter than drones with brushed motors

A BRUSHLESS motor uses oppositely attracting magnets to provide thrust, and therefore, there’s no friction that results in regular BRUSHED motors to burn out. This is why brushless motors last much longer, because there are no brushes to wear out.

Zoom 50x Closer

With a total range of nearly 4,000 ft, you should be able to get as close as you want to whatever you are photographing or filming; however, sometimes it’s better or safer to keep your distance. For these moments, the ZOOM feature works wonders.

Quickly zoom in up to 50x closer to capture the moment.

Micro SD Card Reader

LIMITLESS wirelessly and instantly transfers all photo/video from the drone directly to your smartphone’s photo album, so a SD card is NOT necessary; HOWEVER, this drone DOES have a microSD Card Slot, so if your smartphone is low on storage and you’d rather store all photos/videos on a SD card, then you certainly have the option to do so.

*microSD Card is not included and is sold separately

Instantly Share Drone Videos on Facebook and YoutubeInstantly Share Drone Videos on Facebook and Youtube

LIMITLESS drone dimensionsLIMITLESS drone dimensions

Drone GPS Auto Return HomeDrone GPS Auto Return Home

Instantly Create, Edit, and Share Videos

Recorded an amazing moment and want to share it on social media? NO PROBLEM!

LIMITLESS’s App allows you to quickly and easily edit and add music, filters, trimming, etc. to your impressive drone videos. Then simply press the SHARE button and choose how you want to share it (Facebook, Youtube, Email, Messenger, etc.).

Drone Dimensions

You’ll see the dimensions are right on par with the most popular models.

Check out all the incredible features and functions LIMITLESS has to offer inside the app

GPS Auto Return Home

LIMITLESS is equipped with incredible RTH features, meaning the drone AUTOMATICALLY RETURNS HOME in the following situations:

Critically Low Battery Loss of Signal RTH Button is Pressed

This means you’ll NEVER lose your drone!

*Important-Like all GPS drones, you must ensure you’re in GPS Mode before take-off (Mode 2)

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GPS with AUTO RETURN HOME: LIMITLESS 2 has a Precision GPS System on-board which allows you to TRACK & RECORD your flight! A Map shows Distance & Speed of the drone as well as its exact Latitude & Longitudinal location all on your screen! RETURN TO HOME (RTH) works seamlessly with 1 press of a button your drone comes back to it’s exact take-off location. NEVER WORRY about Low Battery or Loss of Signal– LIMITLESS automatically RETURNS HOME keeping your quadcopter safe from harm!
4K UHD RESOLUTION: Dual Camera allows you to take photos & video in 4K Ultra-HD Resolution from a wide-variety of creative angles. Record from both cameras/angles simultaneously with split-screen filming or alternate between front and bottom cams All pictures / videos are instantly and wirelessly transferred / stored directly on your smartphone’s photo album. Also, with 1 press of a button, you can easily share the amazing drone footage you captured using Email, Twitter, SMS, Facebook, etc
25 MIN FLIGHT TIME: Equipped with a high capacity battery providing 25min of flight time on a single charge. WANT EVEN MORE FLIGHT TIME? Enter code B07X2D3WZ9 into amazon’s search bar. LIMITLESS is also equipped with BRUSHLESS MOTORS: 1806 Brushless Motor Noise Reduction Fan Blade provides efficient power, low noise, extended battery life, and precision control.
800M DISTANCE CAPABILITY is seemingly LIMITLESS. POINT OF INTEREST (POI): An intelligent flight mode that uses advanced positioning systems to put your drone on an automated flight path around a desired subject, while rotating the drone to keep the subject centered in the camera frame
FOLLOW ME MODE: Drop the remote–let the drone follow your every move as it automatically captures & records every moment on film. GESTURE CONTROL: Just by using simple hand gestures, this drone will recognize and follow your every command


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