A DronesEMAX Tinyhawk RTF Micro Indoor Racing Drone with FPV Goggles and Controller for Beginners



Price: $239.99 - $205.95
(as of Oct 22,2021 04:13:19 UTC – Details)

The tinyhawk RTF is a perfect FPV drone to start the hobby, it is easy to fly and made out of durable comnponents and plastics to ensure long lasting quality. With its 3 racing modes, you will learn how to fly FPV in no time. The controller is set up with 3 diffrent modes to help you get started, the right switch on the controller is porgrammed with Level mode, Horizon mode, and Full Acrobatic mode for full control. The RTF kit includes a lightweight and durable FPV goggles. No cellphone or wifi needed, as this is real FPV that will get you much further than wifi receivers. The goggles, controller and tinyhawk will be bound and will be ready to fly out of the box. The kit comes with 1 battery. 1 set of extra propellers, and a bag of spare crews and battery connecvtor. All in all it is a great beginners drone, that will get you started with FPV in the right, and affordable direction.

– Up to 4 minutes flight time on single battery
– Unique inverted motor design to keep CG as low as possible to fit in the smallest of spaces
– 25mw VTX and 600tvl Camera included for fun FPV flight via FPV style goggles
– Smart Audio function to change VTX channel via your transmitter – Pre-tuned from factory with expert pilots and new pilots in mind. 3 rate profile
settings for all types of flying feel
– Plug in type motors for easy maintenance
– 1s High Voltage (HV) 450mah lipo included
– Frsky compatible D8 receiver built in to FC
– Custom carbon fiber themed carrying case

The Ready-To-Fly kit includes the following:

1 x Tinyhawk FPV Racing Drone
1 x Light weight soft carry case, with carbon fiber look
1 x USB High Voltage capable 4 port USB Charger
1 x 1s High Voltage (HV) 450mah lipo battery
1 x FPV Goggles
1 x Transmitter
1 x USB Cable for charging goggle, radio
1 x Parts Bag
1 x Phillips screwdriver
2 x 18650 Battery already pre-installed
1 Set spare AVAN Tinyhawk 3 blade propellers.

Kit in cludes FPV goggles, Controller and Tinyhawk drone, all ready to fly!
Great for beginners! No extra gear needed to start flying!
Real FPV, NOT WIFI. Up to 200 feet distance!
Lightweight, durable, and fast! Up to 35mph!
Easy to carry case, no need for a heavy backpack to carry all in one!


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