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Our Therapy Animal ID cards have been meticulously designed to contain all the necessary information essential to your daily activities with your Therapy animal. All the elements illustrated on this card is the result of many years of user feedback and social listening. We have taken the time and effort to collaborate with previous customers and service dog professionals in the designing and planning of this product. All of this is to ensure that our customer’s needs are addressed.

Avoid any possible hassle by always keeping a Therapy Animal identification on hand for general peace of mind. In our selection of Therapy Animal equipment, you’ll find a wide assortment of animal and handler ID options to make statuses more evident. We also have a full selection of Therapy Animal harnesses, vests, leashes, collars, and other related therapy animal products.


Fully Customizable – Each ID contains the animal and handler information provided during registration. Registration is free, and no purchase is necessary.Oval Slot – An oval slot is provided at the top on Portrait ID and left side on Landscape ID. This allows the Handler to mount the ID on a Leash, Vest or Harness, or the card can be carried in your wallet6” Clear Loop – a 6” Clear Loop is supplied with each Landscape formatted ID to allow the Handler to fasten the ID to the Harness, Vest, or Leash, so it is always visible.Clip-On ID Carrier – A rugged vertical ID badge holder, made of heavy-duty PVC and offers clear vinyl visibility to both sides of the Portrait ID badge, protecting it from everyday elements is supplied with each Portraitt formatted ID. Securely attaches via a with a detachable lanyard and durable swivel metal J-hook to a dog’s collar, vest’s and harness D-ring, carrier, key chain, pocket loop, or bag .30 Mil PVC Card – The ID card is the same size (2-1/8″ x 3-3/8″ or 54 mm x 86 mm) and thickness (.03”) of a standard credit card. The cards are extremely flexible and will not break under rigorous use.High Definition Printing — Image & text are imprinted into the surface of the PVC card (sublimated) – won’t delaminate over time! We use the latest and highest quality ID card printers.Full Color – Each card is printed in full color on the front side and Black and White on the reverse side, as shown in the product photos.Portrait or Landscape — ID Cards are available in either Portrait or Landscape format.High-Quality Materials – Each ID card is made from composite PVC plastic, is the same size and have the same durability as a typical bank-issued credit card. They are completely waterproof and will not delaminate over time.Made in the USA – Our ID Cards are USA manufactured in Florida by fellow Working Animal Handlers, just like you. We are available to assist you with the information needed and the products you require for your animal.


Fields you can personalize:

Handler NameAnimal NameAnimal Photo – Provide us a picture of your animal facing forward, if possible, with a contrasting background, but do not crop as we will format to fit the card for youPhone Number – Optional, if desiredAddress – Optional, if desiredRegistry Number – The registry number is auto-generated when you register. You can provide your previously issued number, and we will change out the assigned registry number with your formerly issued registration number.Customizable Fields – If you wish to provide something different on one of the 4 optional fields, you can give this information to us in the comment section of your registration. Note, for example: “Replace number field with Microchip Number: 12345678.Soft Holographic – Each card has a light silver holograph on the front side. We do not use a Laminated Holographic as they distort the photo and tend to delaminate from wear and water.


Verified Registration – Your Animals’ name and registration address are spelled out for individuals that wish to verify the registration.Therapy Dog Welcome Locations – The card defines the most common places a therapy dog is welcome and that this dog has been properly trained and registered.

Dog CameraDog Camera


You do not need a professional photographer’s photo of your animal, but we have a few tips to help you provide the ideal picture for your animals’ ID. We all know how hard it is to take the perfect picture of your pups. They never want to look at the camera or your device unless you take the time to get their attention.

Up CloseUp Close

Busy BackgroundBusy Background

People PetsPeople Pets

Perfect PhotoPerfect Photo


Get used to the Camera – The click of the camera or the sudden flash can rattle an animal. Take several photos and let them get used to what you are doing. The idea is to keep things relaxed and natural.

Get down on the floor – You want to be at the dog’s level for the best photos. Standing and looking down makes a poor ID photo.

Lighting – Make sure that there is adequate light on the face of your dog, so some of the details of their fur can be seen.


Backgrounds – Look at the area you are taking the animals photo in and remove unwanted objects. The ideal photos are where the entire background is the same, like a painted wall, a large carpeted area, a white sandy beach or green grass makes your animal stand out.

Contrast – if you have a black dog, don’t have a dark background. Save the dark backgrounds for white or tan animals.

Focus – A cell phone camera works just as well as a 35MM camera when it comes to photographing your dog.


Just the Animal – While you may have the favorite photo of your Animal and you, an ID needs to be just your Animal. A picture of the Handler and their animal will reproduce too small to provide the proper image required for an ID.

Take Lots of Pictures – Take as many photos as you can with a few different backgrounds and different lighting. Do not use your flash as these startles the animal. View all the pictures and pick the best one. It’s not like you are using costly film.


Face the Camera – Just make sure that you have the animals’ attention by holding or having a friend hold their favorite squeaky toy or treat near the camera lens. The best ID photos are when your animal is facing the camera, and there is an area around the dog’s face to allow for straightening and cropping to fit our ID format. Don’t worry about the head being cocked as we edit and crop all the submitted photos to ensure they fit the ID’s formatted size properly.


1 Full Size Card

1 Mini Keytag

1 Padded Handle Harness





Free Registration – US Service Dogs Registry


Loop Included

Badge Holder

Key Ring Included

HIGHEST PRINT QUALITY AT 600 DPI – Your professionally designed, full color, high definition ID card will be printed using the latest technology, Your photo and text will be transferred to the surface of the lightweight but extremely durable PVC card at 600 DPI and sealed into the PVC Composite Plastic. Size identical to a credit card (2-1/4” X 3.-1/3”) and imprinted with your dog’s photo, dog and handler’s name, dog’s registration number, and optionally microchip, address & phone number.
FULL HOUSING ACCESS PLUS – This Therapy Dog ID will reduce the conflicts and challenges from uninformed individuals, allowing your Therapy Dog to have access to all housing opportunities, regardless of a “No Pet Policy”, per the Fair Housing Act. Also, widely accepted by Hospitals for those handlers and dogs visiting patients.
QR CODE REGISTRY LOOK-UP & DIGITAL ID – A unique QR code allows the ID to be scanned and the user is redirected to your complimentary working-dog registration on the U S Service Dogs Registry website. Your data will be entered in the registry and you will receive a complimentary digital copy. Digital IDs are sent via text to your phone, shortly after your order ships.
YOUR PHOTO IS EVERYTHING – Be sure to provide an original, full-color, uncropped photo of your Working Animal. We will edit and crop your photo to fit the IDs format. If the photo that you provide is unsatisfactory, your order may be delayed until you provide a replacement.
CHECK TWICE BEFORE SUBMITTING – Please be sure to proofread your information as we print exactly what you put in the customization form. We are not responsible for any misspelled names, incorrect addresses, or phone numbers unless it is different than what you submitted.
SECURITY SEAL FOR MAXIMUM CONFIDENCE – The Registry Seal is applied in full color with 600 DPI imaging as a security seal or digital certificate, authenticating the IDs are genuine. The quality of the seal makes our IDs nearly impossible to reproduce. Holograph seals tend to distort the image and lamination tends to peel. Our text and image is embedded and heat-sealed into a 30 Mil PVC card to make our IDs virtually impossible to destroy.
ID HOLDER – Sturdy with a swivel snap hook, easily attaches to your dog’s collar. Fits your Therapy Dog ID perfectly and is designed to minimize confrontation and help provide access to public areas.


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