A DronesLearn & Climb Play Money Set for Kids – Realistic Dollar Bills, Coins, Credit & Debit Cards & Checkbook. Add-on for Pretend Play Cash Register



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play moneyplay money

Here at Learn & Climb, it’s our mission is to bring engaging and interactive science, magic, math and geography toys to children everywhere. We strive to bring a variety of toys and entertaining games that help children Learn academic and life skills so that they can Climb to ever greater heights and achieve their goals.We also strive to bring affordable learning toys and entertainment options for families of all sizes and backgrounds. Our play money set has quickly become one of our most popular toys and learning sets.

These high quality pretend money bills, coins, cards and checks help teach your kids how to count and interact with money in the real world…without having to risk your real hard earned dollars.

Our pretend money play set is based on modern US dollar bills and coins, with updated colors and designs that matches modern money.Many satisfied parents tell us that they love to use our premium quality play money to reward young kids for chores and achievements without the risk of their child losing or damaging real money. This is a great way to start teaching your child financial responsibility and the real-world value of money.Plenty of parents just use our play money set as a fun toy that can help teach their kids how to count.Teach the special child in your life how rewarding it is to learn and master a new skill in a way that turns learning into play and fun!

Help us teach this generation of kids that learning is fun while empowering kids everywhere to climb to new heights and a brighter future.

play moneyplay money

play moneyplay money

play moneyplay money

Amazing Counting Toy

Money is an integral part of our everyday lives, but it’s also an integral part of all sorts of kid’s playtime activities and role playing games. Lots of kids love to play bank, shopping or restaurant imagination games and activities. Give them high quality play money that can help them make their games and fantasies even more real and engaging. Role playing games are fantastic for developing creativity and can help develop confidence and self-esteem for girls and boys of all ages

Makes a Great Gift

Children ages 3 and up love playing with our pretend money play set. Our premium quality materials and construction ensure that our faux money play set will not be a one and done toy that breaks or tears instantly. We provide a lightweight but sturdy plastic tray to hold all the play set contents. Because we use a convenient and lightweight plastic packaging, the special child in your life can carry their play money with them easily and in a well organized manner. Perfect for older kids too.

Realistic Debit & Credit Cards

Your set includes a clearly marked Master Play Credit Card and a clearly marked Master Play Debit Card. The cards look and feel real but are clearly marked as fake. It’s important to teach your kids about credits and debits at an early age, especially nowadays as we move more and more towards digital currency and payment methods. The cards even have images of electronic chips and the correct amount of numbers on each card. They’re made from sturdy plastic rather than card stock paper

MODERN MONEY NECESSITIES – This currency kit includes more than just realistic paper money and plastic coins, it also includes modern style credit and debit cards plus a realistic writable checkbook.
PREMIUM QUALITY – We use durable double sided paper that won’t easily bend or tear. All colors are close to modern bills and the pennies have a realistic copper color made from toxic free plastic.
TEACH MATH & COUNTING – Start teaching financial literacy and real world skills along with math, counting and money management. Kids of all ages LOVE playing with toy money, which makes learning fun!
CONVENIENT CARRY CASE – All your new money, cards and checks come in a lightweight plastic case with transparent plastic lid. Unlike bulkier wooden sets, this is easy to carry or fit in a backpack.
PERFECT PLAYSET ADDITION – Many customers love adding our premium bills and coins to other playsets like cash registers, shopping sets and grocery play kits. Click Add-to-Cart to get Yours Today!


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