A DronesREV X E85T0501 E85 Gasoline Tester – Easy to Use Ethanol Test Kit



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Instructions For Using The REV X E85 Test Kit: 1. Fill with water to the “Water Fill Line”.
2. Fill with the E85 Gasoline to the gasoline fill line.
3. Apply Cap and Firmly tighten – To avoid any leaking liquid.
4. Shake until contents are fully blended (or suspended).
5. Rest on a flat surface and let the contents settle out of suspension.
6. Ethanol will appear above the “Water Fill Line” and under the Gasoline that is present above it.
7. The volume present above the “Water Fill Line” will represent the total percentage of Alcohol/Water present in the Gasoline or Alcohol that was tested.
8. When test is complete simply pour out contents & allow air dry. When dry, apply cap and the tester is ready to be used again. Always dispose of gasoline in accordance with any local, state or federal laws. Do not pour gas from tester back into gas can or vehicle.

Economical tool to measure the level of ethanol in e85. Large easy to read label to measure ethanol & water content in gasoline from E60 – E100.
Label is laminated to prevent smudging and wear.
STEP 1: Fill Bottle with Water to the water fill line.
STEP 2: FIll Bottle with E85 gasoline to Gasoline Fill Line.
STEP 3: Put on cap and shake well. Let sit on flat surface for 5 minutes and then read ethanol level.


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