A DronesYoucan Robot BW Space Pro Professional Underwater Drone with 6X Zoom 4K / 4K HD Camera and Stable Signal Transmission, Remote Controller, Underwater Camera, RC Submarine, ROV (4K Prime Lens)



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Product Description

BW Space Pro 4K Zoom Underwater DroneBW Space Pro 4K Zoom Underwater Drone

130° Wide-angle HD Underwater Camera

The BW Space Pro is equipped with SONY 4K 130° Wide-angle HD Camera, captures impressive 12MP photos with a 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor and F1.4 aperture.

130° Wide-angle camera130° Wide-angle camera

Flexible Posture

±45° tilt shooting±45° tilt shooting

Vertical snorkelingVertical snorkeling

360° Freely Rotate360° Freely Rotate

±45° Tilt Shooting

The drone can achieve ±45° tilt shooting with greater flexibility and richer capture thanks to the motion control algorithm.

Vertical Snorkeling

Built-in two vertical motors can drive the drone to float up and down freely in the vertical direction.

360° Freely Rotate

The drone can intelligently and automatically determine the depth at any depth in the water. It can also rotate freely in the water surface direction at 360°, with a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s.


Note: Wireless transmission between the base station and the receiving device (mobile phone, tablet computer, etc.). The controller and the base station should be kept at a certain distance, generally no more than 27ft.

Rich Underwater Scenarios

Underwater shooting and live streamingUnderwater shooting and live streaming

Diving training and dive site detectionDiving training and dive site detection

Professional underwater surveyProfessional underwater survey

Ship maintenanceShip maintenance

Underwater shooting and live streaming

Built-in SONY 4K high-definition camera with anti-shake and defogging functions, can shoot underwater high-definition pictures and broadcast live in real-time.

Diving training and dive site detection

Record the diver’s underwater posture to help teach diving. Take the lead in detecting the underwater topography of diving sites to make safety for diving activities.

Professional underwater survey

It can survey bridges, pipelines, reservoirs, dams, etc. It can also go deep into dangerous and complex underwater areas to collect pictures, instead of professional divers working underwater.

Ship maintenance

Regularly monitor the attachments on the bottom of the ship, underwater anchors, propellers, etc., to provide video evidence for ship maintenance.


Visual fishingVisual fishing

Underwater search and rescueUnderwater search and rescue

Marine biological research and marine environmental protectionMarine biological research and marine environmental protection


Observes fish growth, water quality and water temperature without frequent underwater operations.

Visual fishing

Underwater real-time images allow anglers to observe the number, variety, and size of fish schools and find the best fishing spots.

Underwater search and rescue

It can assist the Maritime Safety Administration, maritime safety team, rescue team, etc., in underwater search, rescue, and salvage.

Marine biological research and marine environmental protection

Perfect for marine life observation, coral conservation, marine environment, and climate research. Assists in scientific research and marine environmental protection.

BW Space Pro 4KBW Space Pro 4K

How to useHow to use

How to Use

Step 1: Connect the drone and WiFi Repeater with the tether.

Step 2: Connect the WiFi Repeater signal on a mobile phone or tablet (5G signal is recommended).

Step 3: Put the drone in the water and use the mobile phone APP for remote control.

Model: BW Space Pro 4k Underwater Drone

BW Space Pro is a small underwater drone equipped with a SONY 4K high-definition 130° wide-angle camera. Underwater exploration enthusiasts now have the opportunity to understand the magic of the underwater world. The drone collects 4K high-definition video and photos with real-time 1080P stream transmission. It allows robots to replace humans to complete underwater surveys, inspections, search, rescue, and more.

What’s in the Package

BW Space Pro Underwater Drone (4K Prime Camera) * 1

Simple Controller * 1

100 Meters Tether * 1

WiFi Repeater * 1

Charger * 1

User Manual and Quick Start Guide * 1

The BW Space Pro is equipped with SONY 4K Prime Lens HD Camera. Capture impressive 12MP photos with a 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor that features a viewing angle of 130° and an aperture of F1.4. Image stabilization and digital defogging technology can help capture clearer underwater images. 1380*2 lumens LED lights can intelligently fill light according to natural light’s strength underwater. The built-in 64G card can store about 4.6 hours of 4K video.
ADVANCED STABLE SIGNAL: The Advanced WiFi base station with MIMO system adopts multi-channel transmission technology that provides a strong and stable signal. Transmission rate: Up to 433Mbps (5G). Transmission distance: 100 meters underwater with low latency.
REMOTE WIRELESS CONTROL WITH MULTI-PERSON SHARING MODE: Support both smartphone APP control (iOS/Android) and remoter control. THE MULTI-PERSON SHARING MODE allows the main controller to use the BW Space Pro while other people can access the drone’s signal on their mobile phones and watch the underwater images simultaneously.
5 HOURS LONG BATTERY LIFE: 9600mAh large-capacity lithium battery, coupled with a highly efficient diversion design motor, allows the BW Space Pro to work continuously underwater for up to 5 hours with a signal charge. Provides a guarantee for long-term underwater exploration.
INTELLIGENT UNDERWATER HOVERING: The automatic depth detection function allows the drone to hover steadily at any depth underwater and rotate freely 360° in the horizontal direction. Precise motion control algorithms and powerful motors allow it to tilt up to 45° to shoot flexibly, enriching underwater shooting perspectives.


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