drone pilot industryRaytheon Won A Deal For NGJ-MB | Kuwait Gets First 2 Typhoons

December 16, 2021by helo-10


Lockheed Martin Aeronautics won a $9.3 million contract modification, which increases the ceiling to partially definitize fiscal 2021 air vehicle initial spares, to include global spares packages, base spares packages, deployment spares packages, and afloat spares packages in support F-35 Lightning II Air Vehicle deliveries for the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, non-US Department of Defense participants, and Foreign Military Sales customers. Work will take place in Texas. Estimated completion is in December 2021.

Raytheon won a $13.9 million deal to procure contractor logistics support maintainers and engineering reach back support of the AN/ALQ-249(V)1 Next Generation Jammer-Mid Band (NGJ-MB) during development, test and evaluation. The AN/ALQ-249(V)1 Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band system is part of a larger NGJ system that will augment, and ultimately replace the legacy ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System currently used on the EA-18G Growler aircraft for Airborne Electronic Attack. Work will take place in Maryland and California. Estimated completion date is in June 2023.

Middle East & Africa

BIRD Aerosystems, a global provider of defense technology and solutions for air, sea, and land fleets of governments and related agencies, has received a Supplemental Type Certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel for its Cessna CJ3 ASIO Special Mission Aircraft. The granted STC follows a modification of the aircraft into a special mission configuration and includes all the structural and electrical changes to the aircraft to support the installation of the airborne surveillance sensors (Radar, EOP, AIS), multiple communication equipment, and BIRD’s operator workstations and pilot display.

The first two Eurofighter Typhoons out of an order for 28 aircraft for the Air force of Kuwait landed in Kuwait City. The Eurofighter Typhoon for the Kuwait Air Force feature a wide range of operational capabilities, built by Leonardo according to the specific requirements of the Kuwaiti Air Force.


The German representative on the supervisory board of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has blocked the delivery of anti-drone jamming guns to Ukraine which were already paid for by Kiev. The shipment of these anti-drone mitigation systems was being procured from Lithuania, according to Ukrainian newspaper Dzerkalo Tyzhnia.


South Korea’s Hanwha Defense inked a contract to supply the Australian Army with advanced self-propelled howitzers and ammunition resupply vehicles. The deal is worth about $730 million, representing the highest-valued export of Hanwha’s K9 self-propelled howitzer, nicknamed Thunder and known in Australia as the AS9.

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Watch: Ultra Powerful South Korean K9 Thunder Artillery Mass Live Fire vs Mountain

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